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My 10 month old was having multiple wake ups during the night and often cat napping during the day. I reached out to Baby sleep school in desperation for some help and sleep. Eb was absolutely amazing to deal with. She was so supportive, caring and very knowledgeable. Having the 30 min call and 7 day text support was so good. I loved being able to send Eb a message each morning and either share our achievements for the night or ask many many questions. We have seen some massive improvements in our little ones sleep and we are so thankful for the support from Eb.


After multiple attempts to get my 11 month old bub to sleep through the night in the past 6months ! Finally got a Frankie call! And within 7 days Elodie was sleeping through 7-6 life changing. Previously waking up to 6 times through the night. Most important thing Eb was honest that this was a process and it would not take 1 night and she was right she also straight up told me the first settle could take 2 hrs to get her back to sleep. I needed that.

Amazing results

We had happily co slept and feed to sleep but after an overseas trip our 11 month old was waking
multiple times. We had a phone call with Eb who had already looked at the information provided and had some key things in mind. My husband and I were absolutely gobsmacked with her advice that after sticking to the plan by the end of the week she was in her cot for all her sleeps (day and night) and waking for one feed and going straight back to sleep. Can’t thank Eb enough!

Sleepy & Happy Baby

I purchased the Frankie consult for some extra support and tools working out my 3 month olds sleep routine. Krista has been amazing!
From talking through the issues in our 30min chat to tweaking and answering any extra questions over the next 7 days.
We have managed to work out her awake times and naps and she sleeps amazing!
This is my 3rd little bub and and the extra help is always the best thing I have done for my little ones.
Cant recommend Krista and Baby Sleep School enough!

Sleeping baby, happy mum 🙌🏼

I purchased the Frankie consult after my baby was waking up every 1-2 hours at night and catnapping through the day. We were all exhausted. I had a great 30 minute chat with the amazing Krista and we discussed quite a few things to think about. I am so glad I got the 7 day follow up support as we were able to go back and forth to eliminate issues and work out a solid routine. My baby went from catnapping all day to having a solid sleep routine and having 1.5-2hr naps 🙌🏼
He is now having solid blocks of sleep at night as well. I can not thank Krista enough for the support and tools she has given me. Can not recommend sleep school enough 🙌🏼

Very happy customer

I got the Frankie package and Eb was great! After the first consult my 6 month old went from waking every 3 hours to sleeping from 7pm to 5am then self settling until 7am. He no longer feeds over night at all. Well worth the money! A bargain for the amount of sleep we have been getting. It was great to have the ability to message so we could fine tune each night to get him to where he is now. Can't reccomend enough!

Happy Bub Happy Mum

Before I decided to reach out to Sleep School, my baby was waking every hour to every hour and a half at night around the 9 month mark.

With the Frankie consult Eb helped me to implement some changes to assist my bub to self settle and sleep longer in the night. It has been only 7 days including days where bubba has been sick, but there has been a massive improvement to 2 wakes and he only seems to be getting better. I feel alive again!

Your advice has been invaluable.

Don’t hesitate to book the Frankie consult as it is well worth it. Thanks Eb for all of your help and timely responses.

Massive improvement

I reached out to baby sleep school as a last resort, my 10 month old was a serial cat napper and was waking 3-7 times overnight. She fed each and every time to sleep, could not self settle and never slept more than 30 minutes each nap.
With the phone call and the 1 week text support along with the sleep guide there has been a complete improvement.
My little one is having 2 1-1.5 hour sleeps a day with overnight only having 0-1 wakes. She is self settling in her cot and we have dropped night feeds none or 1 on the once off occasion. I could not be more grateful for Eb at baby sleep school! I am finally getting sleep and my little one is by far a much happier bub now!

Eb was so helpful! She knew exactly how to help myself and my son as soon as I told her our sleep issues we were having. Having the 30 minute phone call was so great to be able to talk out how I was feeling and what was happening with us and how 5 am wake ups were killing me!
My son now will sleep until 6:30 - 7am!

So helpful!!

Just wanted to share some positive feedback after a 30 min chat with Hayley my 6 month old who was catnapping during the day and waking every 1-3 hours over night is now napping for 1.5- 2 hours during the day and only waking once during the night for a feed and is resettling quickly back to sleep after that and sleeping till 6:30 7am! Thankyou for your help my baby is happier and I feel amazing and my life and sleep has improved dramatically!!

Hayley is amazing!

I purchased the home consult package for my 9 month old daughter. something i should have done a long time ago.
I cannot recommend a better person than Hayley.

My daughter went from multiple wakes up during the night and cat napping throughout the day.
She now either sleeps through the hole night without a feed or will wake once!

Takes a 5 minutes the most to go to sleep and does not cat nap at all.

She was so supportive and did wonders I can’t thank her enough.

Worth every cent to feel supported

We had a rough start from the beginning with our little girl having colic. Hayley helped recommend a few thing to help us through this time but when she turned 6 months and sleeping hadn’t improved we were up every hr during the night and only catnapped during the day and had to be fed to sleep. We got the Frankie consult and wow! We spoke at lunchtime with Hayley and by our first night she only woke 2 times. Day sleeps became consolidated immediately and our routine was so much better! She helped tailor a plan for us as I had a 2yo aswell. She gave us so much support and the skills to continue the sleep journey alone. Cannot recommend baby sleep school enough but Hayley is an absolute star!

Do yourself a favour and save your sanity

Krista came into my home and I was instantly relieved that have someone that I knew would listen to me, help me and understand my parenting style. I felt like I had a friend holding my hand through every step of the way despite my bub being VERY challenging with sleep wakes! Don’t hesitate just book!

Split Nights

My 16 month old daughter was having split nights for a few weeks. After trying a few things that just were not working out for my daughter I was recommended to try Baby sleep school sleep consultant.
Eb was great to chat to and with the 7 day text support we saw almost instant results. Eb gave me the right tools and knowledge to transition my little one from 2 to one naps with consistent support all the way!
Eb was helpful, friendly and very attentive to my busting chops ways! If I ever need help I would not hesitate to call again!

Life saver

Absolutely love this machine. I had issues with other ones I’ve used and was worried this would be the same. It is soooo good! The sounds are lovely and the white noise is clear with no underlying background noise. It holds charge for ages and doesn’t take long to re charge. Super portable and easy!

Veronika Juhasova

This is my second order, as this is my pair fo rtravelling. So i don't need to remove them from my existing rooms.
I have set of small and large at home already purchased 2 years ago. Since then I never looked back. It is a must have for your bub to protect any light coming in an dget a goodnight sleep ( with good SS routine as well) . Especially now when DS finished, my 2,5 yr old daughter needs to be woken up, as she sleeps so well in dark room. I got one set for mine room too, as the light coming in was waking us early and we didn't get a good night sleep. if you are on budget this is your new best friend. When we are travelling , our daughter sleeps the same as they are so easy to put on and remove. I have both sizes small and large, they serve us so well.

Amazing results and support

Firstly, a huge THANK YOU! Percy has had huge improvements.
We have successfully taken away over night feeds (unless unwell, I would feed once upon waking) and explain boobie will see you in the morning.
The stretch of sleep has drastically changed from 2hrly wakes to 6+ hours, still yet to see a full night with no wakes, and still yet to settle in the cot alone but we had a few setbacks (asthma and hospital stay, closely followed by a chest infection).

The support from our facilitator was great. I couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you so much. The words of encouragement and empathy really made me feel like a good mummy.

I would like to offer some constructive feedback, in my own opinion.
I COMPLETELY understand that your team have lives outside of work but I’m wondering if a live chat or faster stream of reply would be beneficial for those late night/ mornings when we are feeling depleted and want to give in? Not just a support stream but also educational feedback etc.

I found Percy‘s plan really hard to read. I would have found it easier if I could have had everything step by step with recommendations. It was suggested I print it out and highlight sections. A step by step plan would have been great to print on the fridge and refer to at all times. (Alongside of the relevant information).
I was thinking it would be:
1: have dinner
2: bath/ shower child
3: dress into PJs
4: feed
5: get up and put child in seeping bag
6: say goodnight to family
7: turn off bedroom lights
8: turn on white noise/ music
9: rock child to nearly asleep and place in cot
10: pat to sleep

For examples sake.
Thank you so much for all of your help xxx

Amazing 🤩

Massive Thank you, with all your teams support my little girl was settling by herself within 3 days. I am so grateful for the phone consultation i had and all the follow ups you helped me with. You have one very happy mum now and no more fighting for hrs to get her to sleep. 👏🏼

My son just turned 1 - he wasn't sleeping through the night and I was rocking him to sleep every night - I knew it was time to contact baby sleep. Eb has been such a great help. By following the suggestions that she provided there has been a big change in how my son goes to sleep. He has also being sleeping through which is amazing not only for him but for me too. Eb was so amazing - continuously checking in and also answering any questions I had or providing solutions to any issues that occurred during the 2 week period. I will be forever grateful for the assistance I received from Baby Sleep School - will definitely recommend to friends. Thanks so much for all your help Eb :)

Positive results

We purchased the boo package and the consult with Eb. Although we’re still working through a few issues, we have made a massive progress in our little one’s sleep thanks to Eb and her guidance. Mainly want to point out that even though the email support is for two weeks, at the end of two weeks we weren’t seeing any progress and Eb made sure she didn’t just leave us hanging and ensured she supported us for a few more days till we made some progress and were feeling more confident with the techniques. Thank you Eb!

Unfortunately didn't last

Loved how compact it is and the sounds but only lasted 2 months before carking it 🥴

The support you need

Catnapper at heart, Hamish was driving me mad with his short sleeps. I could’ve sworn it was my fault. After a chat and a week of messages with Krista, I have left feeling so much more confident in myself, my approach and our sleep journey.
Being able to trouble shoot each day and test out scenarios with support was invaluable.
As I said to Krista, I’m sure it won’t be the last time I need your help but I feel confident if I don’t know what to do, I know where to go.

Getting better sleep

After weeks of nightly wakes every couple of hours I was completely exhausted so I reached out to BSS for some help.
After Eb gave us a few simple changes to make our baby is now sleeping from 7 till 7 with only a couple of night wakes, a huge improvement! So glad I made the call!

Results achieved

I was struggling with a 9.5mo with a very strong feed to sleep association.
I had no problem with it until it was causing a lot of issues at bedtime.
A week of false starts, resettles taking 2hrs, and needing to drive around the neighbourhood just for her to fall asleep. The feeding was no longer working. I didn't have a clue where to start, so got the package.
Eb is worth her weight in gold. She really knows how to preform miracles.
My daughter has never self settled prior to sleep school. The first 2 days weren't easy. There was a lot of crying but Eb guided me through the process. The first 2 days it took her 2 hours to go down at bedtime. By the 3rd day, she fell asleep in 40mins with assistance whilst in the cot. She has never fallen asleep in the cot, it was always on me. A week later, I am now putting her in the cot and she's asleep within 20mins with no assistance from me.


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