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Frankie VIP tune up

We had given up hope that we would ever have a toddler that would self settle, sleep through and not wake at 5am. But after some help from Eb and lots of consistency we now have a toddler that sleeps through the night with some very easy resettles, doesn’t wake until 7am and is having 1.5 nap. Still takes a while to go off to sleep but I’m sure will get there. Overall a massive improvement! Thanks Eb 🙌

Incredible help to tackle the 4 month sleep regression!

The 4 month sleep regression was really taking a toll on our household. We decided to have a 30 min call with Eb and afterwards I felt so relieved and had a renewed sense of confidence to keep going with the often challenging resettle! Eb was able to validate what we were doing which gave me peace of mind that we were on the right track, and offered amazing nuggets of advice to further improve our overnight sleep. After implementing some simple steps we saw improvement really quickly, with our little one returning to 6/7/8 hours of sleep overnight and I feel like a new woman! If you’re sleep deprived and need some extra support I highly recommend getting in touch with these ladies. They are amazing and do amazing work and I honestly can’t thank them enough. Thank you so much Eb. X


Eb is a lifesaver! We were having months of sleepless nights and after a few tweaks in our bubs routine and support on self settling our little one is sleeping through the night again!! I honestly could thank Eb enough, our family is no longer sleep deprived and happy as ever !!

Life saving

After our chat we implemented your strategy immediately. Went cold Turkey on the bottles, and you named it - he hasn’t woken over night once since! He did one “yell for a bottle” session on the first night on and off for about half an hour; then since then he is the absolute dream! Not even night protest wakes. Eb You’re our fairy sleep mother and I’m so appreciative of your support and advice- again!

Cannot recommend this service highly enough!!!

Too good, had to buy a second

So easy and convenient. Putting it up was a breeze! Helps to not only block light but to stop heat from the afternoon sun into bubs bedroom. Great product, bought another to have in our room too!

Perseverance and support!

We had our consult with Eb and our little guy was making it challenging, the text support was amazing as we had to try a few different approaches before we landed on what worked. We went from so many wakes a night to a few wakes which he could self settle by finding his dummy and one feed. Feeling rested and grateful! Thanks so much to Eb for the ongoing support and persevering when I wanted to give up!

Best first nap!

Finding a block out blind that fit the windows in the nursery was a God-send! Most other block out blinds on the market weren't long enough. I'm really glad I found this one!

First nap after my husband & I put it up was so good! We had more time on our hands that we knew what to do with! I found that the suction cups were enough to hold the blind up & block the light out so we didn't need to use the hook & loop parts. Definitely recommend this to anyone with a baby!

Feeling lighter!

Our call with Eb was so positive. We were supported, validated and encouraged by Eb and her suggestions to improve our 6mo sleep and in particularsettling time and ease for naps and bedtime.
Since our call, Clara has significantly reduced her catnapping and can self settle for naps in a fraction of the time it was taking previously. We're even getting 1.5-2 hour naps regularly. We've been able to watch a movie without pausing it to resettle! Wow
Bedtime has improved dramatically. And while we still have a little way to go with bedtime being as smooth as naptimes, we're fewling more confident that we can do it. We're feeling lighter and more like ourselves since our call and making some slight adjustments to how we help Clara get the sleep she needs.
Huge thank you to Eb for your support!

Full nights sleep

We did a consult with Eb and it was honestly the best thing we did! Our 10 month old baby was having hourly wake ups overnight to feed and we didn’t know how to break the cycle! We did a 30 minute consult with the 7 day text support which helped keep us more accountable! Eb discussed approaches with us during the 30 minutes and we were able to choose the approach that best suited us! By the second night our baby only woke once for a feed and 3 times in the first week she slept 12 hour nights! We can’t thank Eb enough 🤍

2-4yrs Toddler Guidelines
Rosemarie Sciacca
Have to use the app and read from phone instead of computer

The download is only available through the app which makes it hard because I prefer to read from my computer

Highly Recommend!

I would like to thank Ebony for her time during our phone consult and the 2 week email support.

She’s been very patient and understanding with all the questions that I have. She also makes sure that we are comfortable before we started making changes.

The recommendations that she has given us has improved my bub’s naps a lot! From having contact naps and now having his naps in his cot, I’m really happy with the results!


These sleepy blinds are gamechangers. We previously lived in an apartment with epic black out blinds. When we moved, our new place had standard blinds and both my son and other child (husband) were struggling to sleep in past 6am due to the sunlight! We bought both the small and large sizes as one of our rooms has a balcony door. The large fits it comfortably and the small fit our window with extra material which is easy to tuck away. In both instances we have used the suction cups direct on the glass and they are SO GOOD. The first night we used them, my son slept in to his normal wake time of 7:30am! Happy mum!!! We even took them with us on our recent trip and stuck them to the hotel windows where they also fit perfectly. I even bought one for my parents place so when my son sleeps there now, they get a sleep in too!! Highly highly recommended!!

The Best!

I have tried a few portable sound machines and this one is great. Simple to use, the volume is range is good. I have found others aren't loud enough. Continuous sound, rechargeable with long battery life and small.

I was hesitant to book a consult but with Ebs help we've achieved much more consistent night sleep and better day naps with our little one- defs recommend!

I had a consult with Eb.
I did the sleep program with my now four-year-old who sleeps amazing so when the new bub come along I was pretty confident on what I needed to do.
When she hit 4 1/2 months I had some troubles she was a perfect sleeper except woke up after putting her to bed every night and screamed.
I looked up wake windows with every sleep specialist I knew and follow them perfectly but nothing helped.
So I decided I had to booking one on one consult so it was tailored to exactly what my bub needed as the “normal” for her ages wasn’t working.
Eb was absolutely lovely.
She went through it with me every step of the way until now bub goes straight to sleep and only wakes twice a night for a feed.
I cannot thank you enough Eb. Your support helped more then you’ll even know 💕

Quality much poorer than the first

I was eager to buy a second block out blind for my second child as the first one I bought in 2020 for my firstborn was effective at making the room darker. The black suctions were very strong, and I have never had an issue with them coming off. I’ve used the blind on our holidays and visits to grandmas where it has held up.

However, I am utterly disappointed with the quality of the blind I received in late October 2022. The suction caps are clear and pop off after awhile or don’t even suction to the window. The black material is also much courser in texture and not as smooth as the first one I bought.

Interestingly, this blind was supplied with 3M velcro strips as my first blind came with none. I’ve had to use them to replace the ineffectiveness of some of the suctions but this doesn’t solve the problem with the suctions coming off or letting light through via the gaps created. And it’s not so helpful when it falls down while settling your child to sleep.

I preferred the sleepy blind with the black suctions and am disappointed that the one I purchased is of worse quality.

Worth every cent!

One of the best investments in parenthood to date. We went from having our six-month old only contact nap and take one hour to put to bed at night to having her able to self settle for naps and bedtime in just a few days!

Having the ongoing support for two weeks was so helpful in troubleshooting issues as they came up while implementing the new soothing technique.

Ebony was amazing, listening to all of our concerns and taking our little ones temperament into account to make sure we used a settling technique that worked for her.

Having some time back in the day for myself and a happy baby who’s napping better has been life changing!

Immediate life changing results!

We purchased a home consultation (with 2 weeks support) as our 21 month old was protesting to go to bed, bed time was becoming very late which meant we had zero downtime between work and us going to bed, he would wake up overnight multiple times and not really knowing what to do, we would give him milk overnight and co-sleep. Because of this, our son struggled to wake up in the morning. When we finally got him up, the mornings were a rush and he never wanted to eat breakfast (wasn't hungry as he was having milk overnight). My husband and and I were TIRED, never felt like we got to "clock off" and were over it. Even having time to have meaningful conversations also disappeared entirely!

That's when Hayley came and saved us! Our son now goes to bed at a reasonable time, sleeps through the night (without needing milk or co-sleeping), wakes up happy at a reasonable time and has an appetite in the morning! We have time back to ourselves and are having a full night's sleep.

The best thing about the home consult, apart from Hayley being a gem, was following a set plan of attack and not having to try 10 different things to get bub to sleep before giving up. We followed that and that only. No second guessing if what we were doing would work. We were reluctant to get help and only did so when we were at our wits end because we thought it would be HARD! However, implementing the plan was so much easier than what we were actually dealing with prior to seeking help! The changes in our son's sleep were immediate and we were able to make minor adjustments along the way.

Hayley was only ever a quick text away. She very promptly replied to all texts and checked in regularly. We didn't need to do any extensive reporting, e.g. like all of our son's intake of food, sleep times, what he got up to during the day, etc so checks-ins were made so easy! Even booking her in for the home consult was simple and with a minimal wait time involved.

If you're hesitating to get help until things get really bad, don't. If you think its going to be HARD to change your circumstances, it might be (all kids and families are different), but it might not be (like our experience) and with BSS supporting you along the way, it makes implementing changes EASY!

Little routine tweaks for the sleep win!

We had a consult with Eb with 2 weeks email follow up support. Definitely worth the investment in time and money. Our little one was deep in the 12 month sleep regression after having been an amazing sleeper who loved to sleep. By following the suggestions Eb made to make small changes in our routine, we have our amazing little sleeper back and feel confident to tackle future regressions head on. Eb was so patient with our little one getting Covid during the support period. We paused and resumed when she was recovered. Highly recommend to anyone who is on the fence about purchasing a consult.

Worked well…but

My baby was waking multiple times a night, not settling and then waking around 4am and then she was up for the day.
The 15 minute chat was super helpful and I was given a new day schedule for naps to try, it’s been implemented and now my daughter is once again sleeping through.
If I could have afforded I definitely would have gone for a 30 minute chat.
I feel like it’s a lot to pay for 15 minutes and then not get a follow up email? or even just an outline sent to you of what was spoken about? It just seems like a little more for what you pay would be helpful. That’s my only quam. Other than that it’s absolutely great and would recommend.

Sleepy blinds - yes!

I bought both the large and small blinds and I am very pleased with the efficacy! Easy to install and fit to any sized window (small blind) or sliding door frame (large blind). It has helped me get my little one to sleep better and for longer.

The best money I have ever spent!

Hands down the best money I have ever spent.

Even though I knew most of what was suggested, having someone to tell me what to try and in what order and then having the ability to check in daily to make sure I was on the right path was the best thing ever! Within 2 days we went from 2 hourly wake ups to only 1 wake!!

Eb is amazing and I can't recommend this enough.

Hi it actually is yet to arrive. I understand it's super busy out there. But was there any update?

Perfect portable noise machine

This has been a life saviour for our daughters sleep when out and about. Sleep has always been tricky for our little one but the ability to easily take white noise with us In the car or the pram as helped her be able to self soothe and sleep whilst out and about. We can easily attach it to the pram or whilst In the car and the continuous noise function is a game changer. Recommending to everyone I know who is having a baby!

Above and beyond!

Eb, I cannot thank you enough!! You went above and beyond to help us sort out our early rising!!


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