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Beautiful packaging but wouldn’t buy again

I guess it’s ok for the price point but I agree with a lot of the other two star reviews there is room for improvement: the lowest volume is too low and the next level up too high. The buttons are hard to use too. i wish I’d spent the extra money on a glow dream or something similar. Loved the packaging and tote bag though!

Routine Email Plan Consultation- No support
Beyond thankful & wish I had reached out sooner

Eb 💗
We reached out to Ebony after a whole year of battling our terrible sleeper. And my goodness I wish I had sooner.
My little girl was settling late, shocking to go down, waking 3, 4 sometimes 5 times a night.

I contacted SleepSchool & Within the same day, Eb had emailed me a plan to follow, we started that evening & haven’t looked back

A few suggested adjustments and we have her in a routine that has her sleeping all night long every single night!!
I feel like a new person, she is happier & all because of a few things that hadn’t even crossed my mind

Massive thank you to Ebony, you have no idea what you’ve done for us 🥰🙏🙏


I’m absolutely blown away by this. I started doing spaced soothing as my little girl only wanted to nap on me during the day and after day 1 I was completely shocked how successful it is. We are now up to our 5th day and she is sleeping in her cot for all naps (since day 1 of this), falls asleep within 5-10 minutes and even sleeps through till 6:30-7am! I had her still next to me in a bassinet although she’s taken to the cot like a champion. I’ll also add she slept through the night completely since day 2! I am in awe and this book has CHANGED our lives for the better. Thank you baby sleep school.

The best!

We used an iPad with our first but it wasn’t ideal. For no 2 we tried a few products but really needed continuous play for overnight. This machine is simple, easy and does exactly what it’s meant to. We keep it plugged in and run all night and it’s super easy to chuck in the pram for any naps on the go. Great sound options and volume too.

A Portable Lifesaver!

We love our sleepy sound machine. Purchased it for the pram to help our little one drift off when we are out and about and it has been such a lifesaver! The rechargeable battery is so handy and the choice of sounds is excellent and can grow with bubs. We used to use a heartbeat when bub was little and now we use the rain sound. Even when he is fighting sleep it helps to trick him into drifting off. Looking forward to using it on our upcoming holidays! 😀


I have already bought another 2 blinds - both too small!
This is the best blind! Blocks out all the light. Finally its big enough, wish i had found it sooner!

Super handy for mums on the go

Most people could easily play sleep music of their phone to bub when you’re on the move, but this device is to handy and means you and your phone are free. I find it great for pram walks, or having near bub when he isn’t in his normal sleep room. High recommend this item :)

Persistence is key

Thanks so much to Eb for her guidance and willingness to be the sounding board I needed.
When our 2 week period was up we were still having a few issues with cat napping and early rising but we continued with the plan Eb helped us with and now Miles is sleeping a lot better!
He’s even slept through a handful of times 👏🏻👏🏻
Would defiantly recommend thank you Eb you have saved my sanity 🙌🏻

Excellent little machine!

Great battery life and the continuous white noise is exactly what we needed for overnight stays with grandparents or on holidays etc. It lasts all night long. 100% happy!

Huge thank you from a well-rested mumma

My 1.5 year old had been rising at 5am for a few months and I was told by many people that she’s just one of those kids who will always wake early.
Leading up to winter it was getting quite cold and dark at 5am and my husband and I got desperate and purchased the 2 week sleep support.

It has been worth every cent!
Ebony got in touch with us and tweaked our daughter’s daily schedule to encourage her to sleep later. She now sleeps from 7pm till 7am and is generally more settled and happier.

This was during the busy Easter period and I didn’t think it would work. Eb was fantastic! She checked in on us every few days and answered our questions.

I highly recommend this service and only wish I had purchased it sooner.


Sleep school sound machine

Totally worth the money ! Having it compact and portable is amazing. Love it

Thank you Eb!

Nearing the end of my maternity leave and wondering how I would cope getting up multiple times a night and going to work each day, I decided to seek some additional 1:1 support. My goal was to teach my 10 month old to self settle for all sleeps and cut back our feeds from 3-4 times a night to just 1 and that has now happened! It was a bit of a wild ride and there were times I felt disheartened but Eb was so kind and supportive and gave me the encouragement I needed to stick with it. I’m now confident we have a good routine going and everyone in our house is feeling much happier with the extra sleep we are getting. Thank you Eb!

Fantastic products

I came across the sleep school products when I was expecting my second baby. I’ve used them frequently and they are event my go to baby shower gift for new mums.

Sleepy portable sound machine

Great gadget especially on the go! Love all the different sounds 🙌🏽


Great battery life, love that it’s portable and small, great volume range. Big downside, when it’s plugged in to be charged it lights up the whole room with a green light, we have covered ours in heaps of black tape to try to reduce this but it is still an issue

Love it!

The continuous sound is fantastic. The different noise options are really good and ive found myself alternating between them often. My first order had a technical difficulty but Ash was super helpful and sent me a new one out nearly immediately and so far it hasn't skipped a beat! Highly recommend due to the ease, practicality and design of it. Have found the sound level options are really good.

Large Sleepy Blind Review

I finally decided to purchase the large sleepy blind after going through several sleep regressions and noticing that my daughter would settle much better in a dark room. I originally purchased another brand which was too small for our large windows and the light wasn't 100% blocked. After receiving the Large Baby Sleep School blind I was disappointed to find that there was no way to use the suction cups on our window as we have a fly-screen fitted internally. As a temporary fix, we ended up having to remove the fly-screen and then once we put it back, we had to duct tape the blind to the window which just seemed ridiculous. We have now stuck velcro stickers all around our window frame and use the velcro squares on the blind to stick it up rather than the suction cups. The light still does seep through around the edges of the window however we have a block out roller blind and the room is at most times at least 95% dark. At the end of the day it does the job however it was a bit of a hassle trying to figure out how we could set it up.


So great to get into a bit of a routine with a newborn while having a 4 year old as well! The awake times have really been a game changer

Wonderful tips and support

I was feeding my 14 month old 4th child throughout the night and I wanted to stop as I was always exhausted. Within a week my little girl was sleeping 11 - 12 hours a night without feeding, and now re-settles herself during the night. I’m so grateful for Ebony’s support and guidance.

Gentle, effective, sanity-saving support

We are so grateful to Eb for the support we received. The improvements were evident instantly/ overnight and though our little one still has a little way to go we are thrilled with his progress. We will be seeking more support as required, without hesitation.

Can’t live without it!!

This came recommended by other mum friends when bub started to hate car rides and would scream from our driveway to our destination no how long or short the distance. Made me quite anxious as a first time mum so was desperate for something to help soothe her. This has been a game changer for car trips literally from the first time I used it she has been so much more settled and we have had very few tears, if any, on our car trips now! We also use it overnight to improve her sleep blocks. Absolute life saver!! Love that it has different sounds not just white noise, love that it plays continue but has the timed option, love that it can be recharged rather than batteries, plus it’s cute and can clip onto many things. Best thing Ive purchased I love it!

Better than I expected!

This machine is fantastic! It has a great range of sounds and I love that you can adjust the volume but my favourite part is that it turns off after a certain amount of time and then if baby stirs, it starts up again! No need for parents to go back in and turn it on!
We use it in our cot but we will be buying one for the pram and the car as well - we just love it.

Thank you!!

What can I say!! Eb, you saved our sleep. Kind, honest, compassionate and confident advice and no question left unanswered. We are in such a great place now and feel confident to continue to support our bubba with healthy sleep habits. So grateful we took the plunge!

Love it

It's will designed will and works well. I haven't run it down so not sure on the battery length yet but seems good! So far so good 😃


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