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2.5 and 4.5 sharing room tips

Such great tips from Eb that just really reassured me that I was doing all I could to make for a smooth transition for both my girls moving into the same room before bubs #3 arrived.
She suggested a few nap tweaks and sleep associations that have made it so easy.
Thanks so much Eb 🙌

My son adores his new bunny and has helped him settle unassisted it’s been amazing ❤️

Goldie Subscription Package - 15 min call + 12 month sleepy forum access

I use SS for last 3 years, since my first born. Their guides, consultants and forum. I am so lucky that they have become. Y village and supported me with my daughter's sleep and made me understand her needs. Now I have the same for my son. Travel guide was needed,as we fly overseas to see my family once a year, this will definitely ease my anxiety, when it cokes to kids sleep.

Jellycat- Bashful Koala- Grey
Karen Mcdougal
Bashful koala

I have a friend in the UK who has a little boy who has a rare condition called smooth brain syndrome, apparently Koala can also suffer from the same condition, so she reached out to me as bashful koala really calms him & his was a few years old & they are no longer available to buy in the UK but thankfully I was able to order 2 for her x I will be taking them back with me when I visit the UK in a few months x but she says they are the best calming toy

Love the product! Works amazingly

WiFi Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Products are faulty

Perfect sound machine

Such an amazing little sound machine. Great sound quality, love the continuous feature. Nice and compact for travel and home use.

Love it

My daughter loves it and helps her fall asleep. Thankyou

Great sound machine but physical product could be better

over the past two years i’ve had 4 or so as back ups and replacements, great sound machine status charged for a long time and very portable.

but the design is lacking the turn on and off design fails which can be annoying trying to get the right volume .

Absolutely love

My little one is 9 weeks now and this has been a lifesaver out and about plus at night time. My little one likes the shhhh I highly recommend to all parents absolutely a must have!

Love all your products

I have loved and valued baby sleep school products and their Instagram page and OMG, how could I forget the app + e-guides! They were (are) an absolute necessity and godsend for me as a first time mumma, particularly when Ryan was 0 - 18months🙏 I still refer back to them constantly and for him as a toddler now. 😍

Best thing ever

Such an incredible portable white noise machine. So many different options for white noise and it is perfectly compact for travelling. It blocks out the noise of our 4 and 2 year old so that our 7 week old can sleep like a log.

3-12 month sleep guide.

Some very helpful information. An easy read.

WiFi Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Unfortunately I can’t figure out how to use if

New 3-12 Months Sleepy Guide

Gemma Joy Bedtime Bunny
Andrea Mansbridge
Miracle that is Gemma Joy Bunny

My 3 and 5 year old Grandchildren now sleep through the night and by themselves thanks to their bedtime Bunny. It's the missing link in a child's evolutiom. Many thanks, Andrea M.

Sleepy Portable Night Light & Sound Machine
Leena Silberer
Great sound and light - pricey for what it is and slow postage

We just moved from the US and as Hatch isn’t available in Australia we tried this. It has sooo many sounds (too many?) and some nice light options. Price point seems too high for what it is. Also, postage took FOREVER to come from China ~ 3 weeks.

Best Sound Machine

We love our sound machine, it’s the perfect travel size, fits into the pockets of the pram when we are on the go and doesn’t take up much space. Battery life is great, and it has a great range of different sounds. My husband likes the rain sounds so much we leave it on for him even after Bub is awake!

Highly recommend

Very pleased with this product. Suction cup and Velcro design is great to adjust to window size and edge flap overhang means total blockout of sun. Great also that it’s portable as we can easily take away with us on holiday

This machine is perfect. Great for on walks or drives to have the shush going for my little one and the white noise for during the night.

5 stars for getting my 7month old to stop cat napping in the first day 🤩

Portable sleepy blind

Great product. Blocks out light really well and has helped my son sleep better during the day. It’s great to use at home and take away with us which is handy. Customer service was also excellent! I had an issue with my blind and the problem was resolved efficiently- nothing was too much trouble.


From start to finish with Eb, was really a great experience. I didn’t have to leave my house to go to a school, could just message and she would message straight back. That way baby was in his own comfort zone. I had it figured out but Eb helped me tweak a few things and stay consistent. And ever since, my baby has put himself to sleep, no rocking just straight in the cot with his dummy and he’d sleep himself. After rocking and patting for over 30 minutes each time. Has been amazing as I have 2 other toddlers to handle!

Game changer

Before we engaged baby sleep school I was sleeping in a recliner holding my son every night as he wouldn’t sleep in his cot and would wake up hourly. Now not only is he sleeping in his cot, he’s sleeping through the night and taking regular naps during the day. Ebony was a life saver providing great support, answering any and all little questions I had as I had them. This has been some of the best money I have ever spent - cannot rate it highly enough.


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