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Incredibly worth it and so supportive!!

I cannot recommend baby sleep school and Eb enough!
Our 8 month old little girl was waking anywhere from 2-10 times a night she would only sleep on my chest or in our bed and was only catnapping during the day.
With a few minor tweaks she is now linking her sleep cycles having 2 big day naps and she has put herself to sleep 3 times now.
Instead of feeding every wake overnight she is feeding 1-2 times.
Honestly they are worth every cent and so supportive.
The first 2 nights were incredibly hard but by day 3 we had already seen changes!

Love this!

Recommend off a friend and it’s sooooo good, did not disappoint. Suction caps hang in there too. Our babe will lock eyes on a crack of light at nap time and this does this trick for sure.

Incredibly Supportive

I had a one-on-one sleep consultation with Ebony, and 3 weeks later, my 10-month-old is going to sleep so easily on her own! She went from 3 catnaps and multiple overnight wake ups, to sleeping through and having 3 hours of day sleep! I can’t recommend Baby Sleep School enough and have already told mum friends about them. A fantastic resource for parents who are struggling with the all-to-common issue of baby sleep!

Love our sleepy light!

We love our sleepy light! The colours are so beautiful and it is a great size diffuser. Have been buying as a gift for all of my friends.

Amazing product, Amazing customer service!

Absolutely love our Sleepy Light, Bub has adjusted so well to it.
Massive thanks to the amazing customer service team too. You guys are so fast, efficient and helpful.

All round best sound machine

Perfect sleep sound machine! The battery lasts for a long time so i can get a full night and day sleep in. Its portable so suitable for the pram and car. The different volume options are perfect for all occasions, i love it!

I Wish I Did It Sooner

If you are umming and ahhing over whether or not you should do an email consult and if it is worth it, this is your sign to do it!! I contemplated booking an email consult for months before after a night of terrible sleeping I was at my witts end, and let me tell you, the Sleep School team are legit magicians! I had the 3-12 month PDF guide and have been referring to it since bub was 5 months old but could never really put everything together to work for our family. I have a 12 month old who was co-sleepibg, waking for multiple bottles overnight, and taking up to two hours to settle overnight. On night TWO of our consult, my daughter was sleeping in her own room, in a cot, and sleeping through the night! We now have a routine to follow and my baby goes down for sleeps during the day and at night without a fight! I used to spend up to an hour rocking her to sleep! I just needed help with what I was doing right and wrong, and our consultant Laney was so kind and patient and got back to my 50 million questions so quickly. Honestly this has been a life saver and a game changer and I am just kicking myself that I didn't do it sooner. It was the best money I have ever spent. For the first time in over a year I have my bed to myself and I am sleeping through the night too. I don't even have the words to fully express how thankful I am for Laney and her sleep wizardry/magic.

Great portable speaker!

The speaker is fabulous, and has a good range of sound and volume options.
Only down side is that it does not warn if the battery is almost out. When it cuts out half way through a nap without warning it’s a little annoying!


Does everything I need it to do. Easy to use. Surprised how long one battery charge lasts! 6 nights and still going!

Finally a good nights sleep!

I cannot speak highly enough of Eb for all her help getting my little boy over our sleep hurdle.

Before our consult, we were up every two hours overnight with a bub who would only sleep in our arms and who catnapped his way through the day. Now we have well and truly turned a corner - our bub is on his way to self settling in his cot, we are all better rested and getting ourselves into a routine.

Eb’s support along this journey was such a life line. Highly recommend!!

Simple solution with great battery

Great sound machine with a handful of different sounds and very simple to operate. The battery lasts a surprisingly long time only requiring a charge every few days.
I haven't moved the machine i.e. in a pram, so I can't speak to it's robustness, but I am really pleased with it!!!

SLEEPY LIGHT- Sleepy Sounds and Diffuser

Life saver!

Highly recommend Baby Sleep School. We went from contact naps, constant resettling & forever rocking Bub. We implemented the 2,4,6,8 method and seen results within the first 3 days. It was tough listening to her cry at the start but being consistent paid off. She settles herself to sleep within 10 minutes & sleeps longer stretches. A short 10 minute nap in her cot is now two hours. I feel like a new women! Thank you 🙏

Best investment ever! Consult with follow up support.

Wow, wow, wow!
Eb you are a magician.
Our baby girl has been a poor sleeper from the start. We got some support at 4 months and we survived the regression.

As time went past and we had a few weeks of sickness in our house, the bad associations started piling up. We also struggled to change from 3 naps to 2 naps, as she got older, due to bubbas shorter preferred awake windows and we ended up in a terrible pace of multiple wakes at night, endless rocking to sleep and 4.00 am rising! Help!

Eb sorted it all out. We now have a bub that has dropped the over night feeds all together. Most night wakes she self settles now and we are slowly transitioning from rocking to cot settling.

We got the extra support for the time we needed. Early rising took a while to correct, but now she sleeps so well! We will always be grateful. Thank you so so much!

Very handy

I didn’t think I needed this until I needed it!

Very handy for day naps, car travel and naps in the pram!
It has helped our little one take naps on the go and the lullaby keeps her entertained in the car (most of the time!)
Very portable and moves easily with you

Definitely would recommend!

Works wonders for helping my newborn sleep longer and not get woken up by my toddler

Thank you Eb!

We had an email consult with Eb and it was so helpful. Our almost 8 month old is now able to consolidate both her day sleeps! Eb was amazing, and was always available for any questions during the consult period. The end result of this consult is a happy, well rested little girl and a happy, well rested family x

The best investment!

I spent, what felt like, hours shooshing my baby to sleep in the early days. One night my mouth got so sore and dry from the repetitive motion that I purchased the portable sound machine and I couldn’t be happier. I put this on the 30min setting when putting my baby to bed along with white noise and it works amazingly. I also love that it turns on again if he starts to cry! If you’re hesitating don’t - just do yourself a favour and buy it!

Home Consultation
Shalini Gupta
Thankyou Hayley, you are a lifesaver!

My bub was used to sleeping on my lap ( all thanks to COVID) . Me and hubby just couldn't change the habit and did not know where to start. That's when I got the home consult with Hayley. She was very careful with my bub ( my bub being super active ) and helpful with her specific ideas to teach us and the baby , how to self settle. The 2 week support afterwards helped me and hubby to be always aligned to the process. Hayley gave us a lot of confidence with our method and reassuring that the consistent approach will pay off.
Thank you so much, always in debt!!!

Great light

We bought this for my 20 month old to use as a night light. It’s great, she’s sleeping so well with it. The only “complaint” is the buttons are touch buttons which you can’t see in dim light and accidentally turn things on when moving it or it’s dark as they are flush with the light. Buttons you can feel and push would be much more convenient but still a great light. Haven’t used the white noise/lullaby function so can’t comment on that

In Krista we trust!

As a second-time mum I was convinced I could troubleshoot my baby's sleeping issues myself, after all I had been there before, I knew what to expect. So when my 9 month old started waking routinely overnight and cat-napping through the day I tried everything to get her onto a "normal routine" and a sleeping schedule that would work for our family. At the same time my 2.5 year old toddler was experiencing significant separation anxiety and bedtimes with him had also become a struggle!...exasperated after an unsuccessful few weeks of trying everything the internet and my mum friends had to recommend (including a few other well known sleeping programs only to walk away thinking there must be something wrong with me and my children that these programs don't work for us) I turned to BSS for a final crack at getting my baby to stay asleep and my toddler to go sleep!

Krista was an absolute god-send, she took the time to listen to what was happening for each child, asked probing questions to really understand my baby's sleep needs and her overnight patterns and then working on a plan for each child that was tailored, sensitive to their unique developmental stage and sleep requirements. Her advice has transformed our lives, and as a bonus has also helped take away my anxiety around making sure each child gets enough sleep.

Krista gave me a framework to work within and a guide on how to manage the days when the baby wakes early or the naps don't go to plan, rather than a rigid schedule (which with a toddler in the house is actually not that useful or practical!) and set times she needs to be asleep! She also recommended some useful strategies to my fill my toddler's need for connection before bedtime and help ease his separation anxiety at night as well gently setting boundaries around bedtime for him that means I no longer dread 7pm and we have our nights back.

I wish I had booked in a consultation earlier! Thank you Krista, we are eternally grateful for your support, expert advice and your kindness in guiding us through this tricky phase in our parenting journey.

Life saver

So great that this portable sleep machine is rechargeable! It’s so compact it fits right in my babies carrier and will last all day and all night rarely have to charge it!

Best Sound Machine ever!

I was constantly using my phone to keep white noise going for my little one, I purchased the portable sound machine so I can have my phone back during the day! And it is the best purchase I have made. It is so convenient and has the exact sounds I was after, I couldn’t live without it now.

Wish I did it sooner! Thank you Krista

First time mum with a 14mo. Was a perfect sleeper up until 11.5 months then 12 month regression hit hard! Bub would no longer sleep in cot, would wake up to 5 times during the night and for a time was crying and whinging for up to 2 hours out of pure tiredness. Krista was our consultant and I could not thank her enough! She came up with a routine and sleep method that suited our family and with consistency it worked! At the end of our 2 week consultation Bub was going down like a dream and waking once per night but only for a minute or 2! It took patience to get there as Bub was used to being fed to sleep in my arms but we got there and my only regret is that I wish I did it sooner! Her sleep isn’t perfect but it’s 95% better than it was! Krista is an angel!

2 weeks consult

We can’t thank Eb enough for our email consult, we went from getting up 4-5 times a night to self settling and sleeping through all within under two weeks. Thank you so much you girls need medals x


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