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Routine Email Plan Consultation- No support

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A detailed Plan to adjust your baby/toddler's day!

 This consult is the perfect fit for the mum/dad who needs a detailed plan just for their family and who need a few tweaks. You may have a few questions as well about your sleep journey or need additional information on a certain topic. It is really perfect for that family who need a small push in the right direction so take the guess work out of the plans and get back on track with our support and help.

Please note this package has no responses back and it a one plan reply from our team. If you need additional assistance you can join FB Village or join our amazing Sleep App Forum.

Email consultation includes:

  • Questionnaire needs to be completed before we can allocate and for 1 child only
  • Make sure name/maiden name and PayPal are all correct so easier for us to allocate
  • There will be one box on questionnaire allowing you to ask question 
Once you have purchased this email package please make sure you complete our online questionnaire which will enable us to gain a better understanding of your babies current sleep routine.  
The link to this questionnaire will be in your confirmation of purchase.
DISCLAIMER: Whilst Baby Sleep School cannot guarantee 100% sleep success as every baby/child has different sleep issues & requirements, our consultants are highly qualified and will do their best to make appropriate suggestions & changes.  There are many factors that contribute to sleep issues.  For further guidance and serious sleep concerns, we recommend you consult your healthcare professional or doctor.

Routine Email Plan Consultation- No support



Sleepy App


Our programs are digital files which is only accessible via our ‘SLEEPY APP’. 

Once you have purchased the sleepy guide please download our sleepy app via the below links:




If you are still having trouble logging in, please contact our customer service:

Please note: This does not include personalised email or phone support from our sleep consultants. This is separate a consultation package, that should be purchased as a separately as a either a home, email or phone consultation. In addition, we can't guarantee results as every baby/child has different sleep issues. There are so many factors that contribute to sleep problems and for further guidance and serious sleep concerns, we recommend you consult your healthcare professional or doctor.

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Customer Reviews

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Tamika Littlefield
Beyond thankful & wish I had reached out sooner

Eb 💗
We reached out to Ebony after a whole year of battling our terrible sleeper. And my goodness I wish I had sooner.
My little girl was settling late, shocking to go down, waking 3, 4 sometimes 5 times a night.

I contacted SleepSchool & Within the same day, Eb had emailed me a plan to follow, we started that evening & haven’t looked back

A few suggested adjustments and we have her in a routine that has her sleeping all night long every single night!!
I feel like a new person, she is happier & all because of a few things that hadn’t even crossed my mind

Massive thank you to Ebony, you have no idea what you’ve done for us 🥰🙏🙏

Renee Roberts
Ebony is a pro!

Ebony was spot on with all her recommendations. She confirmed everything I thought I needed to do and gave me the confidence to do it. Glad I did it, my little one improved nearly instantly and since then I have continued to tweak the plan for his age and it’s been pretty smooth sailing!
Thank you 🙏

Tanya Mateuszczyk

I purchased this consult just needing some reassurance I was on the track and a few little extra tips. Even though it was only a one email consult, Ebony was so kind, supportive and thorough. I know I’ll be requesting more support from The girls when the time comes.

Customer Reviews

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