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Sleepy blind

Would have given it 5 stars, however the extra Velcro required did not come included and we have to now purchase this separately.. The blind blocks the light out well and will be better when we organise the missing Velcro

So helpful and supportive. Answered all my questions. Defiantly recommend them😀

Amazing help! THANK YOU!

I can’t recommend the ladies at Baby Sleep School enough.
I’ve received help from both Laney and Eb.
I received help from Laney when my daughter was around 4 months old, she was so patient and explained a lot of techniques and awake times that would possibly work. She definitely gave me confidence.
Just receiving help from Eb recently now that my daughter is 13 months. She’s helped so much with curving the over tiredness, giving me confidence to get rid of bad habits. Also giving tips moving forward with naps. I’m definitely seeing results and feeling so grateful. xx

Work in progress

Dear Ladies,
thank you so much for your programme. Before I didn't have a lot of knowledge how to organize a sleep to my baby. Your guide helps me everyday. We are work in progress, but I see a lot of improvements. Hope to make it better... It's easy to follow even if I'm not a English mother tongue. I needed a pdf version of your guide and your collegue sent me a printable copy. Thank you so much once again for your help.

Just what we needed

We had been following your guides for a while but our little one was still struggling with catnapping. We had an email consult with Laney and weare so glad she did. She was able to troubleshoot what was going wrong and suggested some changes to make. What a difference it made! We are so thankful for Laney helping us get on the right track with our bubbas sleep schedule. Thank you!

Phone consult with EB

I had a great chat with Eb for the phone consult she addressed all my issues and asked loads of questions to help me with what I needed. She responded quickly though email and was an awesome help

New Found Confidence

The 3-12 Months Sleepy Guide has provided our family with a new found sense of confidence in our abilities as parents. The guide is inclusive of helpful, flexible routines to live by day to day as well as relevant information relating to the development of your child and how to adhere to their ever changing sleep needs.

3-12 mth guide.

My boy is no 3, I though I had it all down pat my second child was a unicorn, slept 9-5 from 6 week by 5 mths was 7-7. Baby 3 I was struggling and didn’t trust myself. Best decision I ever made. It gave me confidence to trust what I was doing - and stuff written down for others (hubby) to follow
Thanks heaps. Bub still isn’t sleeping perfectly but now self settled from awake giving me time to chase after the other two...

Second bub

I have a 2 yr old and a 4 month old. I purchased this guide when I just had my second after being recommended by a midwife at the hospital during pregnancy. I thought I had it in the bag since bub 2 started out much calmer then my first, but at 5 weeks old she turned! Since then I've found the guide to answer SO many questions/ explain what's happening when it is happening - things I just had no idea when my first was a baby! I figured purchasing the full guide would be most beneficial to help with both kids. It has truly helped so much. Thank you.

Great guide and great information !

Guide really helped take the guess work out of sleep overall. More importantly, it gave me confidence in helping bub sleep. Guide has great information on nutrition as well as mental health and expectations. Bub is 18mo and apart from leaps/developmental milestones and the usual teething etc she is an amazing sleeper! 👏🏼

14month old feeding and waking during the night

Thanks so much Eb for your advice regarding my 14mo. He was waking during the night/waking early and we started offering a bottle which became a habit. One email from Eb regarding tweaking his nap times, doing a different bedtime routine and stopping the overnight feed (which he didn't need). We are 5/6 days in and he is sleeping straight through and even sleeping longer than ever until 6.30/7am.

Thanks again Eb :)

Life saving!

I thought I was doing everything right, then I read the guide and I was so not hahah! I’d put my baby in his bassinet to self settle and the first sound I’d think he wanted me but he never did! He is the best sleeper, falls asleep on his own and sleeps hours all the time! It’s changed my life and I have so much time to continue spending much needed mummy and daughter time with my nearly 4 year old who was feeling very left out at first!

Excellent ideas, still working on inplementing

The guide has some fantastic advice that has really worked for us, however I haven’t implemented whole routine yet. What would be fantastic is a guide designed for parents with two children with tips on how to sleep train baby without waking toddler/other child, how to make routines work for both etc. Recommend for when you’re needing help!!

Love this sound machine!

I bought this sound machine (even though I have others) because I’m obsessed with the ‘Midwifemumma’ IG account and do everything Amelia says 🤣 So glad I did! Soooo many amazing features!
1. Charged once since I bought it -2 weeks ago and it’s still going! I use it every nap and over night.
2. There are no on/off lights like on others I have that catch my bub’s eye while trying to sleep!
3. Switches off after 30mins and reactivates when bub cries/makes a noise.
4. Such cute sound options - I change it up every sleep.
5. I could go on, but my bub is about to wake up and I need to shower 🤣
Do yourself a favour and just buy one! (or a few for the car, pram etc)

Such a wealth of knowledge and information 🙌🏻

So much helpful information in this guide. Just the age appropriate awake times alone saved my sanity. The different settling techniques are great too. This information just isn’t available to you (especially first time mums) from Health Nurses or Midwives. I tell all my friends about it!!! Worth its weight in gold 💛

Brilliant foundations for lost First Time Parents

The newborn guide isn’t regimental, so gave us lovely foundations to set our bub up for success. There is so much information out there it can get so overwhelming, especially when you’re already sleep deprived, so having one gentle approach to turn to has been a lifesaver as we navigate being first time parents, our new bub, and this whole sleep malarkey! Loved the routine guidelines and nutritional info too.

Game changer!

I am a pretty “go with the flow” person so was hesitant to follow any guide, however I also really need my sleep! This guide is the perfect balance of structure without making you feel guilty about straying from time to time.
The awake times within the guide have been bang on for my 6mo and the settling techniques have been a life saver - my little one started needing to be rocked to sleep and only put in cot drowsy or asleep, now she goes in awake and falls asleep within 5-10mins with only a little in-cot assistance. The private Facebook group you get access to has also been immensely helpful on those off days and to help get back on track.
Gently following Sleep School has us on 7pm-7am with only one over night feed, thank you ladies!!

3-12 month guide

I have a 4 month old who has been a huge catnapper and I felt I'd tried everything. Through the guide I now understand the proper awake times which has helped majorly. I have stretched out her awake times slowly to the recommended 145 to 2 hrs and am now getting atleast 1, 2 hour sleep a day. Yesterday was a great day! Bub slept from 7 to 7 straight, had 2, 2 hr sleeps and a 30 minute nap in the pram 😊 the resettling guide has also helped make me feel in control and is easy to implement. Thank you!

Loved it so much, we've got two!

I got one initially to use when we eventually go on trips but then it came in handy when we moved into our new place and it has a sunroof in my daughter's room. It's permanently up there and completely blacks out her room!

2 year old refusing day sleep

Laney was absolutely amazing! I instantly felt reassured and so relieved after emailing Laney. Louis was refusing his day sleeps and Laney got him back on track using the most gentle approach. Louis is back having an hour a nap and is so much happier for it! I honestly couldn’t have it done it with out Laney’s support and constant guidance! Would highly recommend Laney she’s so amazing and I felt instantly comfortable with her. Legend xxxx

Thank you Laney. My wife and I really felt Laney understood our parenting style and needs. It was easy to stick with the program and felt we really had her support. If only we had reached out sooner but are thrilled with the results!

The whole family sleeps now :)

Laney's advice worked immediately, from the very first night!! We could not recommend her highly enough for anyone who is struggling with sleep. We worried that it would be a difficult process but we only had to make a few simple changes to our routine and have not looked back. THANK YOU does not seem enough, you have changed our lives.

Loving this program

Actual got time back in my day to relax while babe slept for 2 hours. Bliss.

Great guide

Easier to settle. Understanding ques has been easier as well and I have found a great connection with bub during this process.

Thank you for the info

Thank you so much for the information you share on your platform as I look forward to your posts daily. They are so informative and encouraging.