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$59 sleep guidelines Holistic approach to sleep

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Only regret is not doing it sooner

Amelia helped me get my life back! We have a 3 year old and 6 month old who had every sleep association. Baby was waking every 20 mins during naps and 1-3 hourly overnight. Baby was fed to sleep and cosleeping and 3 year old was cosleeping. We now have 2 independent sleepers! My only regret is not doing it sooner. We now have a life in the evenings and I'm so greatful for the support. Best money ever spent. Thank you Amelia and Sleep School

Friendly and Informative

Eb has been really lovely to deal with. Not only was she friendly and informative, but I can see that she has a real passion for this. It also helps that she really can relate to what parents are going through. Eb has been a great help, and while we were somewhat on the right track beforehand, having your help was really worth it!!!! My poor little girl was so overtired, and now 9/10 times, her sleep is perfection!!!!! And we will always have set backs, sickness etc, but My husband and I are on the same page with the plan you have helped us with and we’re getting much more sleep. Overall we are all happier, and April’s tantrums have even almost disappeared as she is less irritable and just overall a happier little bub!!!!!

It’s ok- buttons need changing

The light is loud which is great for blocking noise to keep Bub asleep but- I’d recommend some changes to the buttons. They are flat and very sensitive to touch so in the dark at night (as recommended for babies) it’s easy to hit the wrong button to turn the light on/ off and can easily change the music etc and startle / wake Bub up. The buttons for the modes really need to be raised so you can feel what you pressing (by counting along them to the one you want). It’s a shame as you need your phone torch to see the buttons to turn the light on or operate the device in bubs room. It defeats its own purpose really.
The lullaby sounds are good but yeh others sound very staticky- hard to tell the others apart - doesn’t sound like rain which as a parent would be the preferred noise while bubs in our room.
A remote would be a great solution to button issue or for going into or out of bubs room.
I’d say I should have stuck with my dottera koala sound/light diffuser but thought I’d give this product a try seems it’s from sleep school and I like their program.
For the price a night light and iPod dock would be a more reasonable option.

best invention ever

have used other portable sound machines, though the voice activated means the battery last ages and being able to charge not use batteries so much better than other ones!!!!

Portable Sleepy blind

These are great! So easy to use. Don’t mark the windows and easy to pull down and great for travelling.

Sleep life saver!

Absolutely love the portable sleep machine! Works an absolute treat in the car and pram and is now a sleep association for her so it goes on at home too! Battery life is great, easily clips on to anything, nice selection of sounds. Highly recommend!

Could not recommend more!

This sound machine is amazing! I could not recommend this product more. We have a double story home and we have bought another one for the Loungeroom for day time sleeping!


So happy with the sound machine. So easy to be consistent with naps even when on the go. Highly recommend 🙌🏼

Support and confidence

I would highly recommend the email consult to anyone who wants some support and guidance with navigating baby sleep. I bought the email consult when bub was 8 weeks and only napping on me. I wasn't overly stressed about her sleep but wanted some guidance on gently transitioning to the bassinet for day sleeps and setting up a really good sleep environment. I had the lovely Sarah who worked within my comfort zone but still offered practical advice and gave me confidence to try different techniques. I now have an almost 12 week old who goes into the bassinet drowsy but awake for 2 of her day naps and sleeps 7pm-7am with a 10pm dreamfeed and 3am nightfeed overnight. We still have a snuggle for the last nap of the day. I now feel more confident and knowledgeable going forward.

Great blind

The blind is great, I have just ordered a second one fior my second baby, easy to use and actually sticks to the window

Looks great!

Good range of sleepy sounds and the light is great for night feeds. It looks great. Remote control would be really helpful to turn the light on when I get to the room rather than needing my phone light to find the light button. Lit up/raised buttons would also make it easier to find each button in the dark. The volume goes quite loud but level 1 is fine for our needs.

Noises can be better but overall good product

I think the sounds are a bit misleading - the rain had thunder through it and I found it almost impossible to recognise which ones the other sounds are. The buttons are hard to see and press which is also annoying sometimes.
I bought it to replace my glow dreamer because I wanted a smooth rain sound instead of white noise but it doesn’t give you genuine rain sound.
I probably wouldn’t buy it again but overall it’s a good product.

Thought it would be better

Buttons are very sensitive and noise is very loud

A great investment

We love the sleepy light. We love that the noise runs all night and it’s loud and comforting. The different light options are helpful depending on our room needs and the diffuser works so well. The only issue i have is that it’s really difficult to see the buttons, especially if the room is darkened. I’ve had to put a glow in the dark sticker below the buttons so we can easily turn them on and off. Apart from that, we love it!

It does the job

I'm not a huge fan. Does the job.
It works really well, but in the dark you can't see or feel any dials/buttons to turn the light or sounds on.
Also, volume from level 1 to 2 is a huge jump up.

Colours of light are beautiful.

5 star

I had a consult with Ebony, thank you so much! I have the sleepy app and followed a lot from that but I needed some reassurance. I’m sure I’ll come across more sleep hurdles as my little one gets older, so I’ll definitely reach out to Eb for another consult!
Thanks for all the help ladies, you’re lifesavers.

Phone Consultation- 1 Child
Louise Margaret Wright
Learnt a lot in a short time!

Major thanks to Amelia who helped us put together a day and night routine that has seen major improvements to our little ones sleep. We were struggling with regular night wakes and hysterical crying, which came on in month 5 and continuing into month 6. Both my husband and I felt we couldn’t hack any more sleepless nights.

Amelia took a thorough inventory of our habits, sleep, feeding, awake windows, general history. She gave us lots of useful insights about solids, milk volumes, awake windows, and settling methods.

Would highly recommend to any parents, even if you already think you know a lot, there is still a lot to learn!

Why did we wait so long!!

I cannot thank Hayley enough for giving us a plan to help our 19 month old sleep and even more importantly giving me the confidence to do it! Being baby number 4 you would think we would be all over this, but this kid did not sleep! After months of 4 hours of broken sleep a night and starting the days at 5am I had nothing left.
During our phone consultation Hayley’s friendly and caring nature instilled the confidence I needed to do it. I felt so much relief having a plan and someone in my corner to talk to. The two weeks email support is brilliant! I am happy to say we are on day 13 and our son has responded brilliantly and we are all getting so much more sleep. Last night he slept from 6.45pm-6.45am and we definitely would not have made it without Hayley’s support! My only regret is waiting so long to reach out for help!

2-4yrs Toddler Guidelines
Veronika Juhasova
Got my self ready in advance" to have a plan in place"

I am the biggest fan ever of SS! They helped numerouse times to surrive PND and as well guided me as I am first tiem mum,with no support!
They had a speical ,so I have grabbed both guides to prepare a " magic weapon" so i can sail smooth with a happy baby who sleeps like a champion and i got y life back . The only thing SS needs to add to their services is to offer Spleep consultants meet up,so we can hug them & kiss them inperson ,as they are "saving lifes and sanity" of all mums and dada on daily basis. I wouldn't be where I'm now mentaly ,wihout your support!! Love you guys!!!!!

Phone Consult with 2 week email support= game changing

We recently sort out the assistance of the girls at the Baby Sleep School!

Our babe struggled with sleep from birth and as the 4 month sleep regression hit, and just seemed to keep hitting, we needed help.

We were paired with Eb, who was nothing short of amazing and understanding. Eb was thorough in the initial phone call intake and took down our current situation and what it was that WE wanted out of it, not what you read about. Never was there a ‘cry-it-out’ method offered or suggested, which was amazing to have the support of a gentle approach.

Over the 2 weeks, our babe went from hourly wake ups overnight to 1-2 wake ups over night. The several false starts we were having for bedtime quickly resolved (within one night) and the confidence was gained to get our rolling babe into an arms out swaddle.

We have just started consolidating some of our day sleep cycles. Which is such a relief.

As a first time parents, we could not recommend getting yourselves a phone consult with the extra support enough. It gave us an altered and easy to understand routine that fit our baby and just overall confidence to keep going and try new things.

The girls have been so understanding and with additional 2 weeks follow up support we found it helped with ‘new’ problems/changes our babe was making and going through.

So so good!

Gentle approach

At a point of desperation from lack of sleep and my then 3 month old son only been able to sleep on me or with me, my husband and I tried the cry it out method. Never again! This only served to worsen my postpartum mental health. A mum in my parents group suggested Baby Sleep School and I bought the guidelines. I felt immediately hopeful from reading about the gentler approach to settling my son, although we had accepted that it would take at least 2-3 weeks because he was a fussier baby.
We put in a lot of effort into settling and resettling my son, which at times felt like the only thing we did all day. It was so difficult for me to hear my son cry, and so we decided to use the pick up put down and the shush and pat methods. Within a week we used the pick up put down method less and now (4 weeks later) occasionally use it. We also use the shush and pat method less, and are able to leave my son in his cot, which he had started to reject, to self settle on most occasions. He found a love for his dummy again (and is weaning himself of it now) and cuddles his small soft toy to sleep. Resettling during the day is still difficult and my son refuses to fall asleep again after a 40-60 minute sleep. We're accepting the small wins that he even had a nap!
While the day naps took longer to implement, night sleeps became easier almost immediately. My son now has 2-3 feeds as opposed to every 1-2 hours like he was doing before we bought the guidelines. He still struggles to fall back asleep after one of his early morning feeds, and this is partly due to his love for play and rolling around his cot!! However, this is tiring for us as we're constantly in and out of bed to resettle him. Generally he now sleeps from 7pm to 6.30am.
My son is now 4 months old and I think (fingers crossed) we've passed the 4 month sleep regression which I personally think he started at 3.5 months as he was born 2 weeks past his due date.
I can see that these guidelines will come in useful as we move forward and face more sleep regressions. I feel more confident and less emotional parenting my son, and can see his moods improved after a good sleep :-)

The sleep guide was amazing helped me tweak a few things with morning routine now sleeping from 7pm until 5.30-6am couldn’t be happier and day sleeps are amazing too different baby Thankyou


Best blockout blind yet

Great stickers. Large blind. No complaints!!

A convenient product.

Pretty good, our three year old loves it.


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