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Unfortunately didn't last

Loved how compact it is and the sounds but only lasted 2 months before carking it 🥴

The support you need

Catnapper at heart, Hamish was driving me mad with his short sleeps. I could’ve sworn it was my fault. After a chat and a week of messages with Krista, I have left feeling so much more confident in myself, my approach and our sleep journey.
Being able to trouble shoot each day and test out scenarios with support was invaluable.
As I said to Krista, I’m sure it won’t be the last time I need your help but I feel confident if I don’t know what to do, I know where to go.

Getting better sleep

After weeks of nightly wakes every couple of hours I was completely exhausted so I reached out to BSS for some help.
After Eb gave us a few simple changes to make our baby is now sleeping from 7 till 7 with only a couple of night wakes, a huge improvement! So glad I made the call!

Results achieved

I was struggling with a 9.5mo with a very strong feed to sleep association.
I had no problem with it until it was causing a lot of issues at bedtime.
A week of false starts, resettles taking 2hrs, and needing to drive around the neighbourhood just for her to fall asleep. The feeding was no longer working. I didn't have a clue where to start, so got the package.
Eb is worth her weight in gold. She really knows how to preform miracles.
My daughter has never self settled prior to sleep school. The first 2 days weren't easy. There was a lot of crying but Eb guided me through the process. The first 2 days it took her 2 hours to go down at bedtime. By the 3rd day, she fell asleep in 40mins with assistance whilst in the cot. She has never fallen asleep in the cot, it was always on me. A week later, I am now putting her in the cot and she's asleep within 20mins with no assistance from me.

Run, don’t walk!

I recently reached out to Baby Sleep School for some help getting my 22 month old back on track after a 6 week overseas holiday and honestly… I can’t believe how quickly it worked! As of the second night my daughter was back to falling asleep and sleeping on her own, we also ditched the bottle cold turkey and haven’t looked back. The only regret was not contacting BSS earlier!

Sleepy Blind

These are a game changer for travel now, I won't go anywhere without them!!!!

Not as good as the previous penguin style

Does the job but not as good as the previous penguin style I bought for my first born.
Doesn’t have a handy night light and feels a bit more flimsier.
Bub number 2 hasn’t arrived yet so haven’t used it but looks like it will do the job!

Great results for 3MO

I originally contacted Krista regarding my 3MO catnapping during the day and trying to correct that, but upon an in depth discussion we discovered that as bub was waking happy and lasting for long wake windows, catnapping suited her low sleep needs. Krista then looked at nighttime which I thought was good, until we discussed how I was reactively co-sleeping, replacing the dummy 15-20 times a night and fully assisting Bub to sleep. She rejigged our day time routine to optimise night time sleep and now we have a 3MO who is almost self settling at bedtime, doesn’t use a dummy anymore and sleeps in her own bed with only 1 overnight feed.
Krista was so great in getting to know what works for us, and then provided support through text message for the next 7 days to ensure we continue to tweak our days until they are just right.
It shocked me how adaptable babies are and how quickly she learnt. All I needed was some persistence and some great support and advice from Krista to help us through. Not only did she help with bubs sleep, she saved my sleep too!
Highly recommend.

Amazing assistance and results!

I received help from Eb, and our phone call was super helpful. Being able to follow up/update her for the following 2 weeks was incredible and helped me feel at ease with the process. She helped me find the perfect option for us, and that suited us to help go away from patting/rocking my 19 mth old to sleep (and taking a long time at night to get there) that was still a gentle approach that also helped me feel so at ease! My little one responded so well to all the tips Eb gave me and within the 2 weeks ended up being able to go down in his cot happily and drop off to sleep all on his own! I feel confident that I have the tools I need for the future, and I would not hesitate to get in contact/receive 1:1 support from sleep school in the future as well should I ever need for my little one and future bub!

They saved me!

When I say they saved me I mean it my 5 month old had me in tears from sleep deprivation.
I used the sleep school guidelines from day dot with my baby. He was sleeping through the night from 7 weeks then we hit week 15… it completely changed!!! I was up every 30-45 mins throughout the night day sleeps were 20 min naps. It got week 21 and my partner kissed me good morning and said our son was awake! I cried thinking how am I going to survive another day on such little sleep. I contacted the sleep school and purchased the Frankie Consult. Eb contacted me that day saying she could speak to me the very next day. She called me and we spoke about his routine. She told me to ditch the dummy and boy was I hesitant (so sleep deprived already why would I do something to risk it getting worse). But I thought couldn’t get much worse so cold turkey I dropped the dummy. With assistance of Eb tweaking our routine and dropping the dummy. 7 days later he has slept through the night basically every night and the nights he hasn’t he has self settled! (Haven’t had to even get out of bed) day sleeps have gone to 1.5 hours in the morning and then 3x 45 mins to get me through the night. I highly recommend them best money I have ever spent! Consultation was so in depth and Eb always respected my boundaries and suggested things but I never felt forced to implement them. She replied so quickly and I could implement techniques for the next sleep!
Thank you again Eb!

Positive Outcome

5 stars for advice given and knowledgeable consultant. Can't fault this as we now have a 4.5month old baby girl that went from 2hours of relentless crying at bedtime to 0-12minutes max and can self settle. I was very sceptical but it's been a game changer! I was at times disappointed with the delay in text response as there were some occasions where I waited 5, 7 and 24hours for a reply which meant I could only implement the advice the following day as we focused on bedtime. I limited my texts to 1-2texts per day and messaged first thing in the morning hoping to get some advice before the evening. Despite this, I will still recommend the service and use it myself again as we've had a positive outcome.

Game changer!

We were struggling with early wakes and split nights. With a few tweaks to our day routine our 14m.o started sleeping through until 6-7am. It’s made such a difference to our household.
We purchased the 30min consult with a week of follow up support- Eb was wonderful to work with and always responded promptly. High recommend!


After buying one for myself, I bought one for my parents and in laws (everyone who babysits). Great product. Easy to use, long battery life and suitable for at home and on the go 😀

We had been struggling with sleep for a while, our 10mo bub had been waking every 2ish hours most nights and it was starting to take a toll, feeling very sleep deprived! After some help from Krista we saw incredible improvements in the first night! After changing a few small things that Krista had suggested and that I hadn’t even considered we have all been getting the much needed sleep we’ve been missing. The approach Krista gave us to settling/resettling was gentle and something we felt comfortable and confident with and suited to us and our baby. The daily support from Krista was amazing, so kind and supportive. She really listened to what I felt comfortable with in terms of settling and was able to give options that felt personalised to us. I’m so thankful for all the help Krista, you’re an angel x

Forever Grateful! Thank you Krista!

We have been following Baby Sleep School guides & routines since my little boy was 3 months old. Unfortunately when the 8 month regression, teething and sickness hit us all at once, we suffered 2 months of some of the worst sleep!

We purchased the home consult package when my son turned 10mo...something we should have done much much sooner! Krista was amazing the whole way through! Never judgemental, always responsive, caring and was able to work within our limits and what suited our family!

Personally loved the in home support! Krista was there by my side to walk me through the chosen settling technique and answer my questions. I thought it was great that she was able to meet my son and understand his temperament and environment to make a complete 360 degree assessment. We saw improvements from Day 1! Simple tweaks to awake times went a long way! Krista also recognised he was reliant on me laying him back down in the cot and was able to guide me through how to get him to do this on his own in no time!!

We went from my son refusing all day naps, false starts, frequent overnight wakes (2-4 hourly) & needing my assistance to the point where I was sleeping on the floor in his room to now him being able to self settle for almost all sleep within an average of 10mins, resettling himself overnight & having him sleep through consistently with no night feeds.

Besides the better sleep we have been getting, the most important thing I've taken away from this experience is that no matter what, we can always get back on track. I have learnt to be better in tune with my little ones sleepy cues & feel much more confident to tackle different scenarios!

Forever grateful! Thank you!

Frankie VIP tune up

We had given up hope that we would ever have a toddler that would self settle, sleep through and not wake at 5am. But after some help from Eb and lots of consistency we now have a toddler that sleeps through the night with some very easy resettles, doesn’t wake until 7am and is having 1.5 nap. Still takes a while to go off to sleep but I’m sure will get there. Overall a massive improvement! Thanks Eb 🙌

Incredible help to tackle the 4 month sleep regression!

The 4 month sleep regression was really taking a toll on our household. We decided to have a 30 min call with Eb and afterwards I felt so relieved and had a renewed sense of confidence to keep going with the often challenging resettle! Eb was able to validate what we were doing which gave me peace of mind that we were on the right track, and offered amazing nuggets of advice to further improve our overnight sleep. After implementing some simple steps we saw improvement really quickly, with our little one returning to 6/7/8 hours of sleep overnight and I feel like a new woman! If you’re sleep deprived and need some extra support I highly recommend getting in touch with these ladies. They are amazing and do amazing work and I honestly can’t thank them enough. Thank you so much Eb. X


Eb is a lifesaver! We were having months of sleepless nights and after a few tweaks in our bubs routine and support on self settling our little one is sleeping through the night again!! I honestly could thank Eb enough, our family is no longer sleep deprived and happy as ever !!

Life saving

After our chat we implemented your strategy immediately. Went cold Turkey on the bottles, and you named it - he hasn’t woken over night once since! He did one “yell for a bottle” session on the first night on and off for about half an hour; then since then he is the absolute dream! Not even night protest wakes. Eb You’re our fairy sleep mother and I’m so appreciative of your support and advice- again!

Cannot recommend this service highly enough!!!

Too good, had to buy a second

So easy and convenient. Putting it up was a breeze! Helps to not only block light but to stop heat from the afternoon sun into bubs bedroom. Great product, bought another to have in our room too!

Perseverance and support!

We had our consult with Eb and our little guy was making it challenging, the text support was amazing as we had to try a few different approaches before we landed on what worked. We went from so many wakes a night to a few wakes which he could self settle by finding his dummy and one feed. Feeling rested and grateful! Thanks so much to Eb for the ongoing support and persevering when I wanted to give up!

Best first nap!

Finding a block out blind that fit the windows in the nursery was a God-send! Most other block out blinds on the market weren't long enough. I'm really glad I found this one!

First nap after my husband & I put it up was so good! We had more time on our hands that we knew what to do with! I found that the suction cups were enough to hold the blind up & block the light out so we didn't need to use the hook & loop parts. Definitely recommend this to anyone with a baby!

Feeling lighter!

Our call with Eb was so positive. We were supported, validated and encouraged by Eb and her suggestions to improve our 6mo sleep and in particularsettling time and ease for naps and bedtime.
Since our call, Clara has significantly reduced her catnapping and can self settle for naps in a fraction of the time it was taking previously. We're even getting 1.5-2 hour naps regularly. We've been able to watch a movie without pausing it to resettle! Wow
Bedtime has improved dramatically. And while we still have a little way to go with bedtime being as smooth as naptimes, we're fewling more confident that we can do it. We're feeling lighter and more like ourselves since our call and making some slight adjustments to how we help Clara get the sleep she needs.
Huge thank you to Eb for your support!

Full nights sleep

We did a consult with Eb and it was honestly the best thing we did! Our 10 month old baby was having hourly wake ups overnight to feed and we didn’t know how to break the cycle! We did a 30 minute consult with the 7 day text support which helped keep us more accountable! Eb discussed approaches with us during the 30 minutes and we were able to choose the approach that best suited us! By the second night our baby only woke once for a feed and 3 times in the first week she slept 12 hour nights! We can’t thank Eb enough 🤍

2-4yrs Toddler Guidelines
Rosemarie Sciacca
Have to use the app and read from phone instead of computer

The download is only available through the app which makes it hard because I prefer to read from my computer


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