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Eb-Frankie Comsult

Purchased the Frankie consult as my 5 month old has cat napped since 3 months of age. I needed some help with routines and resettling. The 30min was great. Eb wanted to know everything so I felt like she really listened and tailored an individual plan for us. Freddie still cat naps but has managed to increase at least one nap(lunch time) to 1.5hrs. He has resettled independently which is a massive improvement.
Highly recommended Eb, just fabulous.

7 month old constant night waking and co-sleeping

I had a Frankie Consult with Eb and she was amazing! She was able to help me transition from constant night waking and co-sleeping with my little one to him self settling in his cot and only waking for his night feeds. He hasn't slept for more then a 2hr block since he was born and I was severely sleep deprived.
Eb was able to tweak my little ones routine to help facilitate his day naps and support his night sleep. The 7 day text support meant I could ask questions to make sure we were on the right track.
We can't thank Eb enough for all her support and wish we had of got in contact sooner!

Gemma Joy Bedtime Bunny
Chane Pattrick
Gemma joy is a life saver

I use to have to pat my daughter back to sleep at night, she was waking up over 8 times a night.
With the cry activation Gemma joy will shhh her back to sleep when she moans/ cry’s.
She has become less dependent on me putting her back into a sleep cycle.
She loves her bunny and looks to see if it tummy lights up.

6m old no more contact naps & not waking every 1-2 hours - yay

I had a Frankie consult with Eb and I cant thank her enough! Our 6m old daughter was waking every 1-2 hours for months and I was feeding to sleep, she was still in our room. We wanted to move her into her own room and also have her sleep in there during the day, as she was only contact napping. After the consult, she now has all sleeps in her cot (in her room) and has been waking only 1-2 times per night! The last 2 nights she slept almost 11 hours (with no wakeups) which has never happened before. I can’t thank Eb enough for all her help and support! I highly recommend getting help from the team if you need it :)

Great Investment

This is super handy to have as we are not sneaking into her room checking the temp when we can just check it on our phones any time day or night.

6 month not waking every hour

I’ve just finished the Frankie consult with Krista and I’ve never been so happy/rested. My 6 month old boy had been waking every 1-2 hours since he was 3.5 months old. I was nursing back to sleep every time , cosleeping and was lucky to average 3 hours sleep for myself each night. I was emotionally burnt out and so sleep deprived. I had just accepted he was a highly sensitive baby and nothing was going to change.
Krista was incredible in all aspects of changing his routine gently, and the weeks worth of support for myself was so helpful. By the 3rd night, my little boy put himself to sleep without any crying, and slept for almost 6 hours straight. Only waking for a feed. Both my partner and I were absolutly shocked!
I would highly recommend booking a consult with these ladies for anyone struggling. Worth every cent.
Thank you again Krista 💛

6 month old self settling!

We did a Frankie consult with Eb to help us with our 6 month old who wasn’t able to self settle for day or night sleep and was up every 3 hours overnight. Eb was super supportive and provided us with a detailed plan to help. Now he is able to put himself to sleep with no assistance and is sleeping much better overnight. The seven day text support was also very helpful for follow up questions and to keep us on the right track. So grateful to Eb for her help!

5 month old day and night sleep

I had the pleasure of working with Eb to help my 5 month old improve his sleep over night during his rolling development stage. Her assistance and advice to help was constant and amazing, my son then had added problems arise and Eb was kind enough to help me with those and give me extra support for longer so thank you so much for being so caring and helpful xx

Could not be happier!

I had a 30 minute call + 7 day text support with Krista for my 14mo. She was having split nights and had also fallen into a habit of needing a lot of assistance in order to fall asleep. It had been 6 weeks of endless sleepless nights for the both of us! Within minutes of the call I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and knew that I was in Krista's exceptionally capable hands. She was so empathetic and encouraging and I instantly knew that we'd be able to get my little one's sleep back on track. I've done a few of the 15 minute calls when my little one was younger (which were always helpful!) but the 7 day text support was a game changer. Having the ability to check in each day and make further tweaks to the routine meant that I had the support and reassurance I needed to get the sleep routine back on track. Within days she was self settling again and sleeping through the night. Krista was the literal light at the end of a very very long tunnel and I couldn't be happier that everyone's sleep is back on track! I really wish I'd done it sooner. Highly recommend!

Eb the miracle worker!

We recently did a Frankie consult with Eb for our 3 year old whose night time sleep had become terrible!! He was waking up multiple times a night sometimes for 2 hours at a time. No matter what we tried he would scream until we held him to sleep or brought him into our bed. On top of all that he was fighting going to sleep at bedtime. Eb went above and beyond to help us! She encouraged me and adjusted things on the fly as we needed to. We still have some progress to make, but we are all definitely getting a lot more sleep!!

Had a very positive experience with this consult. We saw so much improvement with our 4 month old in a matter of days and it was really helpful being able to check in each day with the 7 day txt support. I also felt like the consult and advice was tailored to our baby and what we wanted to do which made it feel very doable. Thank you Krista! Will definitely be using your services again in the future if and when we need :)

Just what we needed

Our 7 month old was having several false starts, waking crying 8-10 times a night, insisting on being rocked or fed to sleep and resisting daytime naps. Eb helped us make a few tweaks to his daytime routine and supported us with a new settling approach, and within a day his false starts were gone and we barely here a peep overnight now. He's able to settle himself to sleep and is slowly consolidating his daytime naps. We barely know ourselves with all this sleep and time to eat dinner together, uninterrupted! Our son is waking happier too, and no longer looking overtired. Being able to check in with Eb for a week was fantastic, as we were able to make a few further changes and run our questions by her. Thanks again for your support!

Everything I needed!

We had a consult with Eb with a weeks follow up support, and I can’t even explain how amazing this whole process was. From 6-7 wakes overnight and false starts every night along with contact naps all day, my little ones sleep has completely evolved and everyone is so well rested now. Eb provided us the space to approach her sleeping routines as gentle as possible and was so helpful with tweaking her routines and wake windows! Eb provided strategies I would have never thought of to get her sleep back on track each day, and I’m so thankful for the support.

Just what we needed

Can not recommend enough. Hayley knows her s**t 😅
There wasn’t really any guess work here, after I explained our routines and the issues we were having, she gave easy instructions and tips to combat the issues.
We’d been struggling with broken sleep for well over a month, but only 2 nights of implementing Hayley’s advice had our daughter (and us) sleeping through again.
Will not hesitate to use this service in future 10/10!

Got our sleep back!

After 16 months of absolutely atrocious sleep (we were cosleeping and he would wake up every 1-2 hours), Ebony helped guide us to get our little boy to sleep through the night in his own cot. Unheard of! I would honestly urge anyone who is in need of sleep support to use this service as it saved our sanity. I had been a bit overwhelmed by the cost of so many other sleep consultants, but the BOO package met our needs entirely without sending us broke. Having clear expectations of what the process of sleep training would look like was hugely beneficial to our success, as was knowing that I could reach out for support via email at any time. My boy has been so much happier since learning to sleep through and self-settle, and I feel like I have a new lease on life. Thank you so, so, SO much! Xx

Wish I had done it sooner!

We had a consult with Eb, followed by a 1 week follow up. Eb was so helpful with her advise, letting us know it may be hard at first but will get easier! After almost 9 months of 8-10 wake ups a night, our little one is now sleeping through. The approach we took was gentle and gave us all reassurance that what we were doing was for the best. Wish I had done it sooner, would definitely recommend BSS to anyone struggling with sleep.

Thanks very much to Ebony for all her support. We were able to ditch the dummy and teach my little one how to SS. The added support was so important as my LO needed a change of approach a few times and having that guidance was so much easier to work through. Definitely worth purchasing a package with follow up support! Can’t recommend it higher. Thank you again!!

Given hope

I had a consultation with the 7 days follow up text with Eb. I have never felt so supported and was given the confidence and the reassurance to be able to get my babies sleep back on track. I am absolutely thrilled with the improvement in her sleep after only one week and that consistency really is the key. I feel like I have been given the confidence to be able to navigate her sleep and routine moving forward.

My partner and I thought we would never be able to get out little man to sleep without a bottle or have day time sleep but with Eb’s help and guidance we saw huge change within 2 days, The help and support has been brilliant- thank you Eb!

Life changing 🤯

It will seem exaggerated, but Krista changed our lives in the space of a weekend.

We were spending 5-6 hours a day in a rocking chair getting our 5 month old naps in. Spending an hour and a half to achieve bedtime, which was then followed by a false start, 1-2 hourly wakes, feeding or patting back to sleep, and early rising (4-5am).

Now our little one self settles for naps and bedtime. Sleeps 11-12 hours overnight with one feed. We spent the two weeks follow up support messaging Krista every single day with ‘what if this happened’ or tweaking the day routine to accommodate our changing schedule and still achieve a great nighttime sleep.

I have been, and will continue to recommend Krista and Baby Sleep School for years to come after our experience over the last fortnight. Can not thank Krista enough 🥰

No words…

Our little man was never a particularly great sleeper. We sleep trained at 4 months and saw results although they were very inconsistent. Things progressively worsened and at 6 months our little man was catnapping, taking 2-3 hours to get to sleep with multiple false starts and was waking every 20-45 mins.

After hitting rock bottom, and really exhausting all possibilities, we decided to proceed with an in-home consult with Sleep School.

From the moment I engaged with Krista, I felt understood and that there was light at the end of the (long dark) tunnel.

On the night, Krista arrived at our house to spend time with us as a family and immediately built a connection with our son, Louis. Krista took the time to listen to the issues we had been experiencing and provide an insight and plan for how we move forward. Whilst with us, Krista assessed his sleep environment, and coached us through process and stayed with us until Lou was asleep. The night of the in-home consult, our son slept for 10 hours straight.. something he has never done.

In the 2 weeks since, I have had daily checkins with Krista, in times where I have been unsure of how to navigate a situation, she has provided guidance and support.

In short.. this consultation with Krista, has legitimately changed our lives.. we are all a million times happier. My baby boy is now having 2 x 1-1.5 hour sleeps a day, going to sleep straight away at night and sleeping for 10-12hours every night. I will never be able to thank Krista more. If you’re thinking about it.. do it! You won’t regret it.

Great reassurance

Hayley was a great help, she didn’t necessarily need me to change anything but it was reassuring to know the few little changes that I had started to make in the few days before were correct. Within a few days of continuing this routine my little girl started to sleep through. It’s amazing what reassurance from a professional can do rather than everyone else’s unprofessional opinions we often get as mums! X

Absolutely life changing

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to Eb for her help in improving my 5.5-month-old baby's sleep. After our 30-minute consultation, I saw immediate results. My baby went from catnapping, waking up multiple times overnight, and needing to be fed to sleep to taking consolidated naps, waking up only 2 times overnight, and self-soothing back to sleep. I never thought that putting my baby down "drowsy but awake" would work, but Eb showed me that we were just doing it wrong.

My husband and I are so much more confident in our ability to troubleshoot any sleep-related issues that might arise in the future. We also love that we have a structured, yet flexible schedule that we can work with to ensure our baby gets the most restorative sleep possible. Eb's help has also pushed us to transition our toddler to her own room, which has been a huge success.

I cannot thank Eb enough for her expertise and guidance. She is truly a sleep expert and I highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling with their baby's sleep.

Gemma Joy Bedtime Bear
Anne Treffiletti
Great bedtime friend

My son loves his bear … has definitely helped us with his wakes overnight

Sleep training

Oh my goodness - Hayley is amazing. I have removed feeding to sleep and my 10 month old now falls asleep independently after a wind down routine and sleeps through the night!


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