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Above and beyond!

Eb, I cannot thank you enough!! You went above and beyond to help us sort out our early rising!!

Stopped working

Just after 6 months (conveniently) our machine started to be very faint and would only work on half volume, eventually when this happened it stopped working all together. We only used this sound machine at home for nap times.
I emailed the company and they offered for me to take advantage of their current sale and buy a new one… A lot of money for something that has stopped working

6mo night wakes

Being a second time mum I thought I had all the answers and I was at my wits end trying to get my 6mo to sleep at night. The program Ebony sent through and her constant support and feedback has got us back on track and my little one now does consistent day naps and 12hrs overnight.

We love you Eb!

We were pretty happy with our son’s sleep but after a move to Japan and then moving him into his own room at 7 months we were having increased wakes over night, more difficult resettles and early rising. We had also always rocked/patted to sleep and he was getting too tall for this.
We started working with Eb and immediately saw progress, our guide included so much valuable information and the tweaks we made day one were paying off straight away. By day 4 he was settling and resettling in his cot with little to no assistance, no longer needing a bottle overnight and sleeping through until 7am. Feeling confident we can keep this up. I am actually shocked how quickly he adjusted and am so impressed as I didn’t see how we’d get to this point.
Could not be more grateful for your help Eb, wish we’d done it even sooner :) have been raving about you and Sleep school to anyone who will listen!

Great product

Does the job! Also looks super cute hanging off my Moses basket. Really cute little machine. No complaints, highly recommend

Amazing, exceeded expectations!

I’ve only ever written reviews for things that have been dodgy or made me angry so this is a first.
We reached out for help with bub’s (first child 4mo) sleep. She would only sleep on mum for all sleeps and this was obviously not sustainable. She was also waking up frequently, was hard to settle and her feedings had become erratic etc. 4 month sleep regression blah blah and we were sort of expecting some change but we were exhausted and needed help.
We were put in touch with Krista and we were surprised at how understanding, caring and down to earth she was on the phone. Spoke for quite a while about where we were at and what we needed and then she came up with a detailed email plan followed up with a text to see how we got on day one.
Her techniques and strategies started to show signs of working within a couple of days and got better and better with adjustments that she would provide, often daily and often checking in with us before we could reach out to her.
Sounds like a bullshit made up review but Krista has mad such a change to bub’s sleep and general routine that after a couple of weeks she is sleeping in her bassinet every night and only waking for one feed. We are both back to getting solid blocks of sleep ourselves and feel like functioning humans again instead of sleep deprived zombies.
What a change!
Best money we could have spent and the genuine nature and expert advice was the cherry on top.
If you’re thinking about asking for help or are in a similar situation to us, just do it, it will change things dramatically- and make sure to ask for Krista, she’s a legend.

Loving it

So great!

Took to Thailand - was the best purchase and easy to carry around on plane, tours etc.


A regained confidence and understanding

I booked a phone consult with follow up email support. I highly recommend and guarantee it is worth the investment. That’s exactly what it is, an investment in your babies overall sleep health and in turn, general health. Happy baby = happy Mumma and that’s the best kind of investment.
Ebony was amazing. Patient, supportive, understanding, knowledgeable, non-judgmental and made me feel capable even when I felt like I wasn’t.
We were lost before speaking with Eb. I did have a lot of knowledge from the sleep school acc/forum but putting it into action after sickness, daily life and struggles was hard when the easy option is to do what works for everyone’s benefit.
The first night, bub slept better than she had in a long time. I won’t lie, it wasn’t easy and you have to put the work in, but anything that is worth the time is worth the effort, and mine and my baby’s health are definitely worth it.
Whilst we are still a work in progress, I at least know now what I need to do and most importantly that I can do it and so can my baby.
I will continue to use sleep school right up until I can’t any longer.
If only they had an account to help me raise my teenage girl…
I recommend everyone buy the guides, join the forum and if needed, don’t wait like I did, book the consult now. You will not regret it.
Thank you so much for the community you provide for us mums who just need a little push and encouragement


I cannot recommend Eb enough, she gave our little boy the sleep he desperately wanted but couldn’t do and as a result gave me my life back!!
Our little 7 month old was a terrible sleeper from the start, cat napping king. No matter what guide we followed it just didn’t work on him. We decided to be admitted to a sleep school hoping to get some help however came out after a week no better infact probably worse. I decided this was my last attempt to get some sort of routine and good day sleep.
Eb, spent the time getting to know our boy so diligently that she figured out he had low sleep needs (hence why no guide worked) she also encouraged me to back my gut feeling that he had reflux (this was confirmed with a paed) .
Eb was available non stop over email to answer all the questions I had regarding his sleep and wake windows. She was so supportive and gave me a lot of confidence that I needed.
After tweaking his wake windows and cutting him down to 2 sleeps a day, we now receive full nights sleep and 2 day sleeps of 1.5 hours each.

Eb has changed all our lives completely and we have a very happy bub. I wish I hadve booked in earlier and I know next bub I will be buying this package asap.

Thank you!

We tried two week long stays at the parenting centre when my daughter was 3 months and 8 months, and non of the nurses were successful in finding strategies to help her link sleep cycles throughout the night. At 18 months I finally contacted Ebony at the The Sleep School and it was the best thing we ever did. Our daughter is able to sleep for longer blocks over night, even slept through a couple of times. Ebony was very patient as we tried different strategies and adjusted our timetables throughout the day. She has armed us with the knowledge to handle any regressions and provided some insight as to why our daughter was waking and escalating in distress. Thank you!


I love the way it has all sorts of settings From a shuusha to music.

Life saver

Was looking for a white noise machine which plays continuously and this is it. No more using our phones or iPads for it. One downside is there is no indication on how much it is charged. Just turns off suddenly


Thick and does a decent job. But very difficult to stop lights around edges, Velcro residue very messy - wary of using it on painted window sills but that's necessary given edges. Sleepy Sundays more effective but also more annoying as lose static after repeatedly taking up and down. Longevity of this product is an advantage, put up and down with no wesr and tear

Georgia Inches
Top three baby purchases!

Totally in LOVE with our sound machine! It goes absolutely everywhere with us!

SLEEPY LIGHT- Sleepy Sounds and Diffuser
Kyre Wallace
Great night light

Great night light. Perfect amount of light for changes and feeding over night. The sounds are great and it’s very loud if you turn it up. Think it would be better with actual buttons not touch buttons. Overall really happy with the product

Incredibly worth it and so supportive!!

I cannot recommend baby sleep school and Eb enough!
Our 8 month old little girl was waking anywhere from 2-10 times a night she would only sleep on my chest or in our bed and was only catnapping during the day.
With a few minor tweaks she is now linking her sleep cycles having 2 big day naps and she has put herself to sleep 3 times now.
Instead of feeding every wake overnight she is feeding 1-2 times.
Honestly they are worth every cent and so supportive.
The first 2 nights were incredibly hard but by day 3 we had already seen changes!

Love this!

Recommend off a friend and it’s sooooo good, did not disappoint. Suction caps hang in there too. Our babe will lock eyes on a crack of light at nap time and this does this trick for sure.

Incredibly Supportive

I had a one-on-one sleep consultation with Ebony, and 3 weeks later, my 10-month-old is going to sleep so easily on her own! She went from 3 catnaps and multiple overnight wake ups, to sleeping through and having 3 hours of day sleep! I can’t recommend Baby Sleep School enough and have already told mum friends about them. A fantastic resource for parents who are struggling with the all-to-common issue of baby sleep!

SLEEPY LIGHT- Sleepy Sounds and Diffuser
Bonnie Cross
Love our sleepy light!

We love our sleepy light! The colours are so beautiful and it is a great size diffuser. Have been buying as a gift for all of my friends.

SLEEPY LIGHT- Sleepy Sounds and Diffuser
Cassandra Pruckner
Amazing product, Amazing customer service!

Absolutely love our Sleepy Light, Bub has adjusted so well to it.
Massive thanks to the amazing customer service team too. You guys are so fast, efficient and helpful.

All round best sound machine

Perfect sleep sound machine! The battery lasts for a long time so i can get a full night and day sleep in. Its portable so suitable for the pram and car. The different volume options are perfect for all occasions, i love it!

I Wish I Did It Sooner

If you are umming and ahhing over whether or not you should do an email consult and if it is worth it, this is your sign to do it!! I contemplated booking an email consult for months before after a night of terrible sleeping I was at my witts end, and let me tell you, the Sleep School team are legit magicians! I had the 3-12 month PDF guide and have been referring to it since bub was 5 months old but could never really put everything together to work for our family. I have a 12 month old who was co-sleepibg, waking for multiple bottles overnight, and taking up to two hours to settle overnight. On night TWO of our consult, my daughter was sleeping in her own room, in a cot, and sleeping through the night! We now have a routine to follow and my baby goes down for sleeps during the day and at night without a fight! I used to spend up to an hour rocking her to sleep! I just needed help with what I was doing right and wrong, and our consultant Laney was so kind and patient and got back to my 50 million questions so quickly. Honestly this has been a life saver and a game changer and I am just kicking myself that I didn't do it sooner. It was the best money I have ever spent. For the first time in over a year I have my bed to myself and I am sleeping through the night too. I don't even have the words to fully express how thankful I am for Laney and her sleep wizardry/magic.

Great portable speaker!

The speaker is fabulous, and has a good range of sound and volume options.
Only down side is that it does not warn if the battery is almost out. When it cuts out half way through a nap without warning it’s a little annoying!


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