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Ebony, thank you for all your support. All questions were answered quickly and effectively. Although we are going through another leap and everything is out the window yet again, I have all the information I was provided to go back to and put it all in place again! This 29 week mark is a killer!
Thank you again

I can't thank Ebony enough for her help via email consultation. We went for multiple night wakes and feeding to sleep every wake to sleeping through. The first email i received was so detailed and thorough. The advice was so easy to implement and my son was sleeping through the night and napping better in two days.

Any questions I had were answered promptly and in great detail.

I highly recommend an email consultations from sleep school.

Nice and dark, just doesn't stick

The blind really makes the room dark which is awesome, especially with summer early mornings starting. We have just had some issues with the suction cups sticking to the windows. Keeps falling :(

Thank you, thank you

We had the pleasure of working with the lovely Amelia to support us with our 10 week old. Initially, we were seeking help to ensure we were on the right track, and gain strategies to best set up our daughter. We also seemed to go through the early stages of the 4 month sleep regression around 12 weeks, so not only did Amelia reassure us of what we were already doing, she also talked us through strategies to manage challenging nights/days we were going through.

Amelia was great in making strategies realistic for us, our lifestyle currently and what we hope it will look like when we are out of “lockdown”. She was super responsive to emails and really gave us confidence.

Thank you so much!

Thank you Krista!

I've had the pleasure of knowing Krista for over 10 years and it's safe to say she has found her calling!

After experiencing some major sleep regressions with my 18 month old I came to Krista begging for help.

Through a really thorough email consultation, Krista hit the ground running with a range of strategies and suggestions to tweak routines, return to self settling and curb household sleeplessness.

In true Krista form she was empathetic, understanding and incredibly comprehensive - analysing and reporting on every possible area that could be impacting sleep.

The results spoke for themselves and after 1-2 days we noticed massive differences in our son's ability to nap consistently during the day while sleeping solidly overnight.

A happy baby means a happy house and we're back there because of Krista! x

Email Consultation- 1 child
Brigitte Callanan
Light at the end of the tunnel

Thankyou to Ebony for her advice and realistic goals. Since chatting via email, we have been able to significantly reduce night wakes to just feeds and 1 or 2 resettles (depending on bubs) and stop the cat napping during the day! While things are still a work in progress, we are so thankful to Ebony for helping us find a path out of the sleepless hell. Thankyou to all the baby sleep school ladies, your consults,forum and insta question boxes are invaluable!

15 month sleep trouble resolved!

Have had a few email consults over the last 15 months for various trouble spots we have had, resulting mostly in the best sleeper ever. The most recent has been an email consult with Ebony for my 15 month old who went through a rough patch of 1( month regression combined with likely needing to drop to one nap but I was finding it hard to work out timing, and it was resulting in short day naps, night wakes and meltdowns at sleep time. After receiving an email from Ebony and implementing the new strategies, after 2 days Thomas was doing a 2-2.15 hour day nap and sleeping through overnight again. Eb is an absolute wizard and highly recommend a consult to anyone having trouble. Soooo easily fixed instead of spending weeks pulling your hair out.

Disappointed compared to earlier guides

I purchased the 12-24 month sleep guide as I was really happy with the earlier guides. Unfortunately this just seems like a copy and paste of information from earlier guides. It contains so much irrelevant information related to earlier age groups (eg dreamfeeds, 6 month nutrition, settling techniques that arent successful after 6 months ) I really feel like I could have done without it and just used the earlier ones. It’s not personalised to the 12-24 month age group at all. Really disappointed with this purchase


Hi purchased this as my husband was going away for 3 months and I needed a confident booster and help making sure I was doing the right thing. Prior to my consultation with Krista I kept chopping and changing settling techniques and was sure about nap times and bed times. This consult changed my life. I feel so much more confident with my son and his day naps and it feels so empowering now knowing how to adjust things daily to best help my son and his sleep.

Happy bubba

We did the phone consult and emails for our little 12 week old baby. Our baby started to resist our settling techniques and was fighting all his day sleeps but sleeping well at night. I found the information sent to us extremely valuable and has changed our settling techniques for the better. I’m no longer rocking to sleep every nap for an hour. We have a baby that has just started to sleep through the night after improving our settling techniques and letting him self settle overnight. I did find the email correspondence could be a little delayed but the information given very valuable.

Knowledge is power

This guide has given us lots of useful information to apply to out little ones sleep habits. I also feel that the information has empowered me to be more confident when it comes to my little ones sleep.

Thank you Sarah!

Sarah was instrumental in assisting me with my daughter and son, 2.4y and 4ms respectively who were each going through their own sleep struggles. I appreciated Sarah’s direct nature and thoroughness in answering every single one of my questions throughout our two weeks of support. Her knowledge and suggestions helped to validate my decisions and gave me a lot more confidence in assisting my children with sleep. Thank you 😊

Highly Recommend!

I highly recommend the sleep school, I used them 3 years ago for my 8 month old who woke every 1-2 hrs through the night after 1 week of changing somethings she slept through and has been the perfect sleeper ever since!

I recently used the email support again for my 7 week old as I thought I will start early to start good sleep habits and the no sleep with a toddler was killing me. The new born program is all hands on we tried one sleep method for 2 weeks but i felt it wasn’t for myself and baby, we tried another method and after a few weeks he wakes 1 or 2 times a night and he can put him self to sleep. I just put him down and walk out, no crying and asleep in minutes.
They help you understand there sleep and I felt so confident after my 1 month email support.
I can’t thank them enough!! Worth every cent.


This was great until it stopped working after 6months…. super disappointing

Amazing blocker

I have purchased the sleepy blind from you guys as my daughters room had light coming through and this has blocked it perfectly! Now she sleeps better during the day then before! The guides are also amazing thanks so much guys, so grateful 😊

Worth Every Dollar!

I purchased the phone consult for my serial cat napper who would sleep max 30 minutes each sleep! I had been using the guides since my LO was 11 weeks old and had achieved self settling however I could not overcome the cat napping! Krista provided some very simple solutions and within a day my baby was able to link sleep cycles and achieve 2 hour day naps! Krista gave me the confidence I needed to implement these small changes.
I am proud of myself, but I am super proud of my little man for what he has achieved at such a young age! I will absolutely be recommending baby sleep school to all of my friends!

So grateful for Krista!

I purchased the phone consultation and I couldn’t be more happy with the service I received from Krista. She was so lovely, helpful & gentle. My little one is 17 weeks and was a contact sleeper for all his naps and would only fall asleep on me but with Kristas help, she helped me teach him how to fall asleep in his bassinet and I’m truely grateful for her! She has saved my sanity! She was so helpful with coming up with new routines and strategies and all of them were so helpful. Highly recommend this service if you have a fussy baby or if you just need some extra help! Thanks so much Krista, you’re a life saver!

Great relaxing sounds, just wish they played for longer. Maybe half an hour or so, Bub is just felling asleep as it stops playing but it will do in the short term till the new sleep light arrive.

Twins Harvey and Harper

Thank you so much to Eb for helping us. Harvey and Harper were waking multiple times a night. Sometimes 20 times. She explained some things we needed to change which we did. She was so supportive through it all. And now our twins are waking anywhere from 1-2 times a night. We are so thankful to her. Will recommend to anyone who needs some help with children’s sleep x

Not the best

Doesn’t stick on the window very well

Sleep machine

OH MY GOD where was this with my last baby these are incredible have purchased another for a baby shower gift they are in my mind a necessity!

Bloody ripper!

Love love love this sound machine. I brought it for my second baby and ended up using it with my toddler (game changer for early rising). I’ve now ordered another one for the baby!!! I wish it played all night but rarely an issue. I’ve brought for friends as a gift, great if you want to give a practical present. Love it!

Cara Baxter-McDonald
I especially love the voice activation feature!

This is a fantastic product! I'd been using my phone for white noise which meant the many hours my baby napped, I couldn't make calls, watch socials with sound and would freak anytime a phone call came blaring through my speaker practically shouting the name of the caller into my baby's dreams (even on silent mode, it did this!)!!! My only qualm is that there aren't some deeper sound options, and that the sound quality is a little scratchy. The fact it automatically switches off so that it's not playing in my baby's ear unnecessarily after she's gone to sleep is absolutely fantastic! I'm really stoked with this product. Cheers, Caz xx

Should have done it sooner!

I have a 5 month old who would only ever contact nap and would wake multiple times a night as her dummy would fall out. She was also waking at 4/4:30am to start her day which was a nightmare!
With the help of the lovely Krista, in a few days we were able to lose the dummy and have my baby fall asleep on he own at night and wake at 6am and with some help fall asleep in her cot for naps. The advice was simple enough but to put them into effect I thought was going to be really hard mentally and for the first few days it was while I was trying to work out her correct awake times and removing the dummy etc but krista was always super quick to respond when I had a question which was great and I knew I had that support along the way which was very reassuring. No question was a silly question. Worth every cent to have a baby that sleeps great through the night and is now awake longer during the day because she sleeps so well at night.

Amazing Newborn support-Krista

Thanks to Krista who provided me with guidance and support for my newborn bub. She helped us set up a routine and understand catnaps and sleep, setting up realistic expectations. I have an 11week old who is now consistently settling in his basinet for 2 sleeps/day. We are now working towards self settling and resettling short naps with the tools we have been provided by Krista. thanks so much for your support, your availability and reassurance during the 4th trimester for this first time mum.Sleep school is a wonderful service, full
Of easy to follow resources and gentle support.