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Hot topic this week, with lots of bubs going through developmental leaps and regressing from their once perfectly sleeping babies. Firstly, you’re not alone. This is so very normal. If your baby goes from sleeping through the night or linking sleep cycles during the day, to suddenly waking multiple times or refusing to go to sleep at night or catnapping during the day- and you have ruled out any illness or teething- then this may well be a developmental leap which babies will regress.

So what do you do during this time? Comfort your baby and be guided by them. They need you. Respond to their cries and offer more reassurance than you normally would. This will not last forever and you will not undo any hard work you have done. Try and loosely stick to your routine, but don’t focus on their sleep.. focus on them and being there for them ❤️ If they have just developed a new skill, praise them and help them practice this during the day. We hope this little bit of guidance will assist any Mamas going through this right now. Much love to you all xx .


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