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  • Midwife & Sleep School Co-founder
  • Mum to Alfie & Essie

Mother of one with another on the way (crazy I know with a 21 month age gap), midwife to many mummas and babies born over the last four years, and now a fresh new sleep consultant on the block! Where do I get the time you might ask? Well I make time. My passion for sleep is second to none and I completely understand your desperation for help and, more importantly, a solid block of sleep. I couldn’t bear to know that, without our help, you are silently suffering away when we could easily spare a few hours to assist you. It is SO rewarding…sleep is so precious and, in my opinion, underrated!

Why the passion? Because I have been in your shoes. When Alfie was three months old, my dream sleeper did a U-turn and I could not get him back on the right track – no matter what advice I took or book, website, routine I read. Catnapping was the new norm and I can’t even tell you the amount of night wakings that were occurring. I tried everything! I co-slept (and he HATED it), I fed him to sleep (then he began using me as a dummy and ended up resenting the breast come night time), I walked and drove for hours on end to no avail, and I almost broke my back from hours of rocking, shooshing, swaying, patting and nursing. You name it. After months of doing this, we were all at breaking point. I was miserable, beyond exhausted, horrible to be around, an extremely tired mother and a very snappy partner. Not to mention my poor, sleep deprived baby! My appetite diminished, my house duties took a back seat for a long time and any spare second I had I would try for at least five minutes to sleep. Just like my overtired baby, I couldn’t switch off. I was just as wired as him and I knew that if I didn’t do something about it, we were only going to continue to take 10 steps backwards. Something had to give. Something had to change and change fast… and that is exactly where my beautiful business partner Marissa comes into play. SHE is the reason WE went to Sleep School. She encouraged me (thank goodness) and assured me that seeking professional help from gentle sleep consultants will be life changing and IT WAS. This is how we landed here. With further study, we decided to HELP other mums in need. If we can come out of the other side and have babies who are happier and better sleepers, imagine all the mums, dads, babies and families we could assist in transitioning to sleep, sleep and more sleep.

As a midwife and a successful blogger, I started to connect with lots of Mum's who were struggling with sleep and needed help. I received numerous daily messages from desperate Mum's who needed help with their babies’ sleep. I offered my tips and advice from my own experience as well as personalised support and suddenly Mum's were happy and their babies starting sleeping. I had the magic touch!



  • Sleep School Co-founder
  • Mum to William, Rafferty, Atticus & Bump due July

When my youngest (Atticus) was born I knew immediately he was going to be a bad sleeper. He screamed the full five nights I was in hospital and didn’t sleep. Except for the one night when the nurses took him into their office while they did paperwork, he was asleep in his bassinet for five hours directly under the BRIGHT hospital lights with beeping, buzzers and noise everywhere! The next three months were a blur. He just wouldn’t sleep- twenty minutes max during the day (unless he was rocked or fed to sleep) and three hours during the night. I remember having this overwhelming feeling that there was actually something wrong with him. The other two were great sleepers and Atticus is my third, so surely I should’ve had this baby sleep thing down pat? Wrong.

Getting Atticus sleep on track with a solid routine and gentle settling techniques, changed our whole family unit. It wasn’t easy, it took a full month of consistent settling to break his bad sleeping habits and now he is a dream sleeper! Everyone was getting sleep and was much happier. Atticus was thriving with his weight, I was no longer exhausted and the older boys got their Mum back! I wanted to ignite this passion and help mums. I wanted to make a difference to families’ lives and assist them through support and encouragement that they too can come out of the FOG and have a better sleeping baby. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I started to offer advice and practice on friends’ babies and realised I was really good at it! The most rewarding part is giving families the confidence to settle their babies and see the difference it makes to their lives after their babies follow our program and start sleeping better.

I am so thankful that I have my beautiful friend and now co-founder business guru starting this journey. Together, we bring the perfect balance through our own personal and professional experiences. Our partnership is second to none. Thank you for choosing us!