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The Sleepy Portable Sound Machine – the BFF you didn’t know you needed

Have you ever walked from the nice calm world into a shop where the music is REALLY, REALLY LOUD? It’s so jarring!

 Well that, in reverse, is what happens to our babies. They’re in the womb, warm, snug and safe for 9 months. As their hearing develops, the sound of our bodies is constant for them – like a song that never ends, but a good one. Our heartbeat. Our blood. Our voice (and yes, even our car singing), their dad’s voice; they’re there for it all and it reassures them.

And when they finally land in your arms – it’s so QUIET without all that noise! This is why we swear by white noise for all baby sleeps. it is such a positive sleep association; it both soothes your baby and also lets them know now is a good time for sleep.

 Enter the Sleepy Portable Sound Machine; a handy, smart machine that offers 6 different soothing sounds for your baby:



︎        Rain

          Shooshing sound

︎        Fetal heartbeat

               White noise

︎        Ocean Waves


The machine is easily portable (has a clip for easy hanging), automatically enters sleep mode after 30 mins (saving battery), USB chargeable… the list goes on! But for us, the star of the show is that it is voice activated; when your baby makes noise, the sound kicks in! This feature could save you a whole resettle, and we know the less interrupted the sleep, the better.

Being compact and portable, it can go wherever you are. Hang it from the pram, pop it near baby in the car – use it as a message that even though they’re not in their nice comfy bed and dark room, that sleep is the next step for them.

So simple a dad could use it (sorry dads, we really do love you!), a colour scheme that will work with anything AND a sleep saviour? Run, don’t walk! You can find them here.


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