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New partnership between the Brave Foundation and Baby Sleep School.

In an Australian first, young parents will have access to highly sought after sleep support for their babies, as part of a new partnership between the Brave Foundation and Baby Sleep School.

Sleep deprivation is a common complaint of new parents, but for those who are still navigating their teenage years, the transition to parenthood can be infinitely more challenging.

Baby Sleep School has joined forces with the Brave Foundation to provide free and on-going sleep help to families in need of support. Those involved in the new initiative will receive a personalised sleep plan, detailed advice around their babies sleeping needs at every age, and access to Baby Sleep School’s team of qualified baby sleep consultants.

“In the past 10 years almost 80,000 new mothers were aged under 20 at the time of the birth of their children, and like all new parents they need a village of support around them as they embark on their parenting journey,” said Brave Foundation CEO Jill Roche.

“We are so pleased to create this partnership with Baby Sleep School to ensure young parents are also provided with valuable guidance around their child’s sleep. Now participants in Brave’s program will be able to access additional help to ensure that they, and their children, are getting the rest they need in a safe and supported way.”

The Brave Foundation is a not- for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting these mothers and fathers from pregnancy and through the early years of parenting, and now sleep support will be added to the list of resources, education and referrals that Brave provides.

Recent statistics show more than 5-thousand babies are born in Australia each year to mothers under the age of 20.

”The data is clear - young mothers are one of Australia’s most disadvantaged groups,” said Marissa Wallis, founder and CEO of Baby Sleep School.

“Parenthood is demanding,and young parents face many of the same challenges as other parents, as well as other adversities''. We want to help these young parents by increasing their parenting skills and giving them confidence”.

The role of the qualified Baby Sleep Consultants at Baby Sleep School will be understanding the individual Parents' needs arising from their personal history and current life situation. As well as the shared and individual needs of young parents to then develop services that respond to these needs.

“We want to ensure these mothers and fathers are far better supported, and one of the ways we can do that is by providing education and information around a baby’s sleeping and feeding needs,” she said.

“There is significant research to show sleep deprivation increases the likelihood of things like brain fog, mood swings, and post-natal anxiety and depression, so supporting these young parents to improve their baby’s sleep - and in turn their own - is imperative.

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Baby Sleep School can be found at


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