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Get ready for our secret weapon!

In a perfect world, we would have all the time and flexibility to throw at helping our babies learn how to sleep. There would be no errands to run, toddlers and babies would sync their naps, there is no roadwork, or cooking to do. And we’d all have perfect hair EVERY DAY.


However, in the actual world, things aren’t perfect – your hair has good and bad days, your baby is not an obedient robot and real life can get in the way.


Introducing the ‘every second day rule’ – the sanity saving foundation of your baby’s new sleep routine (along with coffee, because coffee almost always helps), and our favourite secret weapon.


You can’t always be expected to be at home every single day for all sleeps (even in lockdown!), so ‘every second day’ simply means that if you have one day that you are out or running errands and baby’s sleeps are not to routine – don’t stress! Tomorrow is the perfect day to get back on track.


The rule is about allowing life to get in the way and finding out how to find your way to the next day – a less stressed mama enjoys her baby – and her life! – more.


You can find more information about the Sleep School Rule and routines for all ages from babies to toddlers in our Sleep Programs – check them out!



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