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$59 sleep guidelines Holistic approach to sleep

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Home Consultation

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This is the perfect fit for a family needing a little more 1 on 1 support in person and seeing in action settle techniques needed for your baby. We will do an assessment of your little ones sleep environment and coach you through the chosen sleep method together during the consult. We will always email you a plan the night before the home visit so on the day we can coach you through. Then you will have an additional 2 weeks of support via email.

You will then have the option to have free 4 week access on our forum to help assist you further into your support journey.

Fees will apply so please note - this price is inclusive of travel up to 50km each way. If you are regional please reach out to Cassie and we will inquire within the team:

Home consultation includes:

  • Questionnaire needs to be completed before we can allocate a sleep consultant
  • Your Qualified Sleep Consultant will reach out to book in a time to come to your home. 
  • We will send out an in-home safety checklist prior to the Consultation to make sure your home is safe to enter.
  • COVID- Safe plan will need to in place (fully vaccinated)
  • Prior to arrival, you will receive a detailed sleep plan for you to read over. 
  • 2 hour in home consultation from one of our qualified sleep consultants in the comfort & privacy of your own space will then occur
  • Assessment of current sleep environment 
  • Address your sleep issues/concerns & offer our sleepy solutions to resolve them
  • Follow up support between Monday- Friday for the following 2 weeks post consult and response within 24hrs.
  • Age appropriate, gentle & effective settling techniques

What to expect

Our consultants are here to support you no matter what your sleep concern is. Your concerns will be met with understanding and compassion + we always aim to provide recommendations which align with your parenting style and your babies temperament. 

We love empowering parents with knowledge and confidence. We encourage all of our families to work within their comfort zones and ask that you are honest with your consultant if something doesn't feel right for you his will help us work together as a team and achieve some great sleepy success for your family. 

Our team is also supper experienced and supportive consultants which an arrange of qualifications. 

We believe in realistic and flexible routines; our babies are not robots and neither are we. We encourage you to get out and about and will not pressure you into being a slave to your babies sleep routine. 

Please utilise your follow up support wisely and within the time frame allocated.  Feel free to reach out to your consultant whenever you are ready to use the follow up support. 

We love cuddles but also know sometimes your bub may show readiness for their own bed. Its when mum is ready to do this and ​it is only a problem - if it is a problem for you! To achieve the best results, be open and honest with your consultant. No matter what the issue is we can still work together to optimise the best sleep foundations possible. 

We always hear from our clients that their only regret is not reaching out for help sooner.  Remember; you do not need to be at rock bottom to utilise support from a professional. We are here to help and ready whenever you are. 

Read all our wonderful reviews to learn more on what to expect so book now and let's get started!

Once you have purchased this email package please make sure you complete our online questionnaire which will enable us to gain a better understanding of your babies current sleep routine. The link to this questionnaire will be in your confirmation of purchase.

DISCLAIMER: Whilst Baby Sleep School cannot guarantee 100% sleep success as every baby/child has different sleep issues & requirements, our consultants are highly qualified and will do their best to make appropriate suggestions & changes.  There are many factors that contribute to sleep issues.  For further guidance and serious sleep concerns, we recommend you consult your healthcare professional or doctor.

Home Consultation



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Our programs are digital files which is only accessible via our ‘SLEEPY APP’. 

Once you have purchased the sleepy guide please download our sleepy app via the below links:




If you are still having trouble logging in, please contact our customer service:

Please note: This does not include personalised email or phone support from our sleep consultants. This is separate a consultation package, that should be purchased as a separately as a either a home, email or phone consultation. In addition, we can't guarantee results as every baby/child has different sleep issues. There are so many factors that contribute to sleep problems and for further guidance and serious sleep concerns, we recommend you consult your healthcare professional or doctor.


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