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How to buy an online e-program.

Just select the age group that applies best to you, select buy now and follow the directions provided. You will receive an email within 48hours from the Sleep School team once payment has been made which will include a downloadable PDF for your program via email.

Is this guaranteed to work.

We do not guarantee that our programs or consultations will be effective- as per our terms and conditions upon purchase of our services. Each individual baby or toddler is different and there are many external factors, out of our control, that have an effect on the results from our programs. As a result, we do not offer refunds on our programs or consultations.

What if my baby is sick.

Before starting our programs, we highly recommend seeing your GP for medical approval before commencing our programs. If your baby or toddler has or presents symptoms of a medical condition it is the responsibility of the parent/primary carer to seek professional medical advice to see if sleep training is suitable for your baby/child.

How long does sleep training take.

For best results it is recommended to follow a 21 day sleep program.

What is the refund policy.

Due to the nature of this service. We do not offer refunds if you do not have success with our programs. We also do not offer a refund if you download the incorrect program, please double check your cart before purchasing.

I don't like to hear my baby crying.

When a baby cries it is their way of trying to communicate and express their feelings. When sleep training a baby, you may experience peak more than usual crying periods during periods of change and this is normal. Always work within your comfort zone and if your baby is crying and you're feeling uncomfortable, please comfort and reassuring your baby by picking them up and giving them a cuddle.

We do not use the cry it out (CIO) approach. This is based upon allowing a baby to cry for extended periods of time without providing hands on reassurance. Sleep School encourages parents to listen to the type of cry your baby is making and then wait and respond accordingly. Our proven methods work when you wait, assist and support your baby through our settling techniques. Unfortunately, there is always going to be crying, as this is your baby's way of teaching them-self to self-settle.


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