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Zoom Jerry Package - 30 Min chat

Jerry Package - 30 Min chat

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Jerry - New 30 min chat

Need to have a quick same day chat with one of our Qualified Sleep Consultants? Our Jerry chat available now is the perfect package for you. You may have a small issue needing resolving and just need a few small tweaks. We now have this available via our app as well.

This package is more of a chat to guide you through your sleep journey and we can adjust some things to your current plan. You might also be a returning family and just have a few questions due to a leap/regression. We are a great sounding board as well and can offer support for you. 


This is for one child only 

Remember to take notes and have questions ready to go.

We would love a questionnaire to be completed before taking the call so please take the time to complete before we get started. 

Download our app today:




DISCLAIMER: Whilst Baby Sleep School cannot guarantee 100% sleep success as every baby/child has different sleep issues & requirements, our consultants are highly qualified and will do their best to make appropriate suggestions & changes.  There are many factors that contribute to sleep issues.  For further guidance and serious sleep concerns, we recommend you consult your healthcare professional or doctor.

Jerry Package - 30 Min chat



Sleepy App


Our programs are digital files which is only accessible via our ‘SLEEPY APP’. 

Once you have purchased the sleepy guide please download our sleepy app via the below links:




If you are still having trouble logging in, please contact our customer service:

Please note: This does not include personalised email or phone support from our sleep consultants. This is separate a consultation package, that should be purchased as a separately as a either a home, email or phone consultation. In addition, we can't guarantee results as every baby/child has different sleep issues. There are so many factors that contribute to sleep problems and for further guidance and serious sleep concerns, we recommend you consult your healthcare professional or doctor.

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Customer Reviews

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Amazing change!

Yesterday I spoke with Kay for a 30-min consultation. Firstly, she was so lovely. I felt really at ease with her and didn’t feel judged at all. She suggested a change from 3 naps to 2, for our 8-month old and tweaked a routine to work for us. He was already a good sleeper but has slept to the minute of what she suggested and self-settled for all naps, including bedtime, which had previously been a nightmare.
Very grateful for the support and cannot believe the impact of one 30-min call!!!

Lori Parker
So helpful!!

Just wanted to share some positive feedback after a 30 min chat with Hayley my 6 month old who was catnapping during the day and waking every 1-3 hours over night is now napping for 1.5- 2 hours during the day and only waking once during the night for a feed and is resettling quickly back to sleep after that and sleeping till 6:30 7am! Thankyou for your help my baby is happier and I feel amazing and my life and sleep has improved dramatically!!

Life saving

After our chat we implemented your strategy immediately. Went cold Turkey on the bottles, and you named it - he hasn’t woken over night once since! He did one “yell for a bottle” session on the first night on and off for about half an hour; then since then he is the absolute dream! Not even night protest wakes. Eb You’re our fairy sleep mother and I’m so appreciative of your support and advice- again!

Cannot recommend this service highly enough!!!

Customer Reviews

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