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Zoom SLEEPY LIGHT- Sleepy Sounds and Diffuser
Zoom SLEEPY LIGHT- Sleepy Sounds and Diffuser
Zoom SLEEPY LIGHT- Sleepy Sounds and Diffuser

SLEEPY LIGHT- Sleepy Sounds and Diffuser

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Our beautiful SLEEPY LIGHT - A sleepy sounds machine and diffuser all-in-one!  A positive sleep association for your Baby/Child, as well as creating a gentle and peaceful, relaxing ambience for any environment. This light releases an ultra-fine cool mist into the air using ultrasonic technology and is perfect for use with essential oils.

We recommend the following for each age group:

0-6mths- White noise/Lullabies is best suited.

6-18mths- White Noise/Lullabies and essential oil diffuser is best suited.

18mths+ - All sleepy sounds, light and essential oil diffuser is best suited.

Features Include:

  • SIZE: 16cm (H) x 15cm (W)

  • Made from: Light Woodgrain and white BPA free plastic. 
  • Continuous play for LIGHT and SLEEPY sounds.

  • Sleepy Sounds: 8 beautiful sounds.
    • Lullaby #1
    • River Flow
    • Lullaby 2
    • White noise
    • Thunderstorm/Rain
    • Woosh Sound (Similar to Shoosh)
    • Pink Noise
    • Ocean Waves
  • 5 Adjustable volume levels:
    • The first level is recommended for overnight use at 50 decibels.
    • The remainder of the levels are recommended for settling/resettling & covering external/household noises or for use at your own discretion.
  • 7 LED light colour options- Rainbow (Continuous flow through our beautiful colours), Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Purple, and Blue. We recommend setting to red at night for melatonin production.
    • Tip – Hold down the light button to turn off the light without changing through the remaining colours.

  • Ultrasonic Diffuser.
    • Settings: 1hr/3hr/6hr- OR option to stay ON. 10-12 hours with a safety switch off auto off when water runs out.
    • Tip: Hold down the power button to turn off the diffuser without changing through the remaining time options.
    • Water Capacity: 400ML
  • Includes an Auto power off for safety.
  • Packaged in a stunning box along with a User manual, power adapter & a measure cup.

Returns Disclaimer:

  • As per our returns policy;
    • We do not accept change of mind returns if you do not ‘like’ our product.
    • If you have plugged your sleepy light into the wall & flicked the power point on, that means it has been used therefore we cannot accept it as a return due to us being unable to review the quality of your electrical fittings/power circuits.
    • If you believe your product to be faulty, please contact us through our returns page so we can assess the issue at hand so long as this is within our 6 month warranty period.
    • If you have received this item & have not opened it & wish to return it in it’s beautiful original packaging within 30 days of the date of purchase, we will happily refund or provide a store credit upon the items return, however, this will need to be done at your (the customer) expense.
    • Please note: Original packaging is inclusive of ALL packaging, including the bag the light is packed in.

If you have any question, please email

SLEEPY LIGHT- Sleepy Sounds and Diffuser

$69.00 Regular price $89.00


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Customer Reviews

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Great light

We bought this for my 20 month old to use as a night light. It’s great, she’s sleeping so well with it. The only “complaint” is the buttons are touch buttons which you can’t see in dim light and accidentally turn things on when moving it or it’s dark as they are flush with the light. Buttons you can feel and push would be much more convenient but still a great light. Haven’t used the white noise/lullaby function so can’t comment on that

Great Product!

This is a great product! Brought one for my 2.5 year old a year ago when I wanted to start using a red light. My only concern is the range of volumes for the white noise. The step between quiet and the next volume is too great, there needs to be a volume in between.

Poorly designed

This product had the potential to be amazing.

I unfortunately paid for it full price right before I had my baby. I'm not surprised it's discounted now.

Yeah, it looks cute and can probably be a nice essential oil diffuser, but as a white noise machine and night light, it is absolutely terrible. Here are the reasons:
1. The buttons are not lit up or raised: nothing's more frustrating than fumbling around in the dark with a sleeping baby in the room, only to accidentally change the sound on the white noise machine/turn on the light and have them wake up. This happened daily. You cannot see the buttons in the dark AT ALL. Only when the room's lit up - which defeats the purpose of it being a sleep product...
2. The night light is actually a disco light: when you turn on the light, it cycles through every single colour of the rainbow continuously. I don't know anyone who would want that as a night light. If you want it to be a particular colour, you have to push the button multiple times until you get to it. The next time you turn on the light, the whole thing resets and you have to do it all over again
3. The volume: the difference between volumes is ridiculous. You can't hear anything on the first setting and it's louder than 70 decibels on the second (beyond what is healthy for a newborn). Anything beyond that is way too much, more like sleeping to a hovering helicopter as opposed to soothing white noise
4. The sound quality: most sounds are static-y. Some sound like there are subtle voices talking in the background

We have since bought a smart white noise machine that can also be controlled via phone. Definitely do your research and do not waste $100 like we did ($89 + shipping).

Jessica Dodds
Fantastic products

I came across the sleep school products when I was expecting my second baby. I’ve used them frequently and they are event my go to baby shower gift for new mums.

Room for improvement

Overall it works exactly as described but as others have said the buttons are very hard to use because they’re integrated so you can’t feel them in the dark. I end up just using my phone instead of trying to turn on the red light on the machine which seems redundant😆.

Volume is also bit tricky because it’s only up, and it starts very Low and jumps to loud immediately. Needs a down button, and better variability in the volume choices.

This could definitely use a remote for easy use at night/in the dark.

Whilst it’s okI wouldn’t recommend this one.

Customer Reviews

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