2-4yrs Toddler Guidelines

2-4yrs Toddler Guidelines

This product is a digital PDF file. Your Sleep Program is an instant download, emailed to you.

Our resourceful Toddler guidelines contain extensive information to help your Toddler through those crucial developmental years when they turn from babies into little people! Containing the following information awake, routine and sleeping guidelines.

  • Ditching the dummy
  • Transitioning from cot to bed
  • Suited for Toddlers transitioning or transitioned to bed
  • Toilet training
  • Proven Baby Sleep School method on how to get your Toddler to sleep at night in their own bed and stay in there!
  • Phasing out the day nap
  • Early Rising
  • Day-care naps- how to tackle these!
  • For the Mama's: Our Sleep School "every second day rule" to keep you sane!
  • Positive sleep associations
  • Access to our private Facebook Village, including Fortnightly live chat/Q&A and settling videos
  • T&Cs- By purchasing our program and being invited into our private FB group, please accept our rules. We create a positive space for all Mums and Parents.

Please note: This PDF DOES NOT include personalised email or phone support from our sleep consultants. This is separate a consultation package, that should be purchased separately as a either a home, email or phone consultation.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Definitely an informative booklet and handy but doesn't cover my current issue/circumstance in depth.

Baby Steps

We bought the 2-4 year guide a couple of weeks ago, we haven’t mastered the entire night in her room as of yet but we have managed to get her into her bed to start the night using the guide. I can’t wait to keep following the guide and see how we go.

So SO useful!

With toddlerhood comes a whole lot of new challenges - sleep, beds, nap dropping, toilet training, dummy ditching - this guide has it all. So gentle, with options and room for whatever you’re comfortable with. Love it. Still following it!

Great guide

Great guide, my only suggestion would be if you could be clearer on what to do when baby wakes through the night. E.g do you do the same as what you did for put down?
But it’s great to see a guide that’s straight to the point, and has both baby and parents in mind! The colour also helps :) We just had baby number 2 and are going to purchase newborn guide.

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