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Our resourceful 3-12 guidelines contain extensive information to help getting your baby's sleep back on track. Containing the following information on age appropriate awake, routine and sleeping guidelines.

  • 3-6 & 6-12 Feed, Play, Sleep guidelines.
  • Settling guidelines for 3-12mths including videos.
  • Age appropriate awake times
  • Baby Nutrition and starting solids
  • Catnapping and trouble linking sleep cycles during the day.
  • Resettling guidelines for babies waking multiple times overnight-
  • Understanding Negative sleep associations (rocking/feeding to sleep)
  • Positive sleep associations
  • How to combat Early rising
  • FAQs
  • Access to our private Facebook Village, including Fortnightly live chat/Q&A and settling videos.
  • T&Cs- By purchasing our program and being invited into our private FB group, please accept our rules. We create a positive space for all Mums and Parents.

Please note: This PDF DOES NOT include personalised email or phone support from our sleep consultants. This is separate a consultation package, that should be purchased separately as a either a home, email or phone consultation.


Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Common sense and Instagram feed is enough

Wee bit disappointed with my purchase so far. Wouldn’t have bought it if I’d known as the info is all there on their instafeed and reading stuff on internet.

First sleep program that has worked for me!

This affordable sleep program is working wonders! Just little changes in his routine and he is sleeping so much better! I’ve purchased 2 programs prior to this and they were quite pricey and quite hard to understand/follow.
I love that I can just grab my phone and quickly check routine recommendations and what might be the cause of him being unsettled.
I’m so impressed with how quickly you get the support when asked and how you can email for advice and they get back to you! I have recommended this program to everyone! Thankyou. I’ll definatley be purchasing the 12 month + one when he is older! :)

A little light on information... but still great guidelines

As this is my second bub I am using them as more of a reassurance that I am 'doing the right thing'! I found the document a little light on info, particularly when it came to resettling techniques and any detail around this BUT I found the routines per age great, the nutrition info great and overall the documentation was great!


Can’t rate this sleep program high enough! Has been such a great routine for our 7 month old. I feel like I can definitely figure out her tired signs better now I know what to look for. Plus I’ve also found on the sleep school Instagram that whenever I’ve had a question regarding my daughters sleep, I always get a response! Just amazing these ladies are!

Woop woop

This is my 4th day using the program and I must say I have already seen great improvements. My 5mo was only sleeping 30-40mins max through day and night.. 4days in and he is already sleeping 1hr and 20minutes -1hr and 40 minutes. Woop woop! I cannot wait to see the improvement by the end of the 3 weeks! 😍