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Our resourceful 3-12 guidelines contain extensive information to help getting your baby's sleep back on track. Containing the following information on age appropriate awake, routine and sleeping guidelines.

  • 3-6 & 6-12 Feed, Play, Sleep guidelines.
  • Settling guidelines for 3-12mths including videos.
  • Age appropriate awake times
  • Baby Nutrition and starting solids
  • Catnapping and trouble linking sleep cycles during the day.
  • Resettling guidelines for babies waking multiple times overnight-
  • Understanding Negative sleep associations (rocking/feeding to sleep)
  • Positive sleep associations
  • How to combat Early rising
  • FAQs
  • Access to our private Facebook Village, including Fortnightly live chat/Q&A and settling videos.
  • T&Cs- By purchasing our program and being invited into our private FB group, please accept our rules. We create a positive space for all Mums and Parents.

Please note: This PDF DOES NOT include personalised email or phone support from our sleep consultants. This is separate a consultation package, that should be purchased separately as a either a home, email or phone consultation.


Customer Reviews

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No more questioning myself!

As a first time mum I had no clue on sleeping for a baby. I was letting her stay up for hours and hours! By the end of the day it would be so intense as she was so overtired! It wasn’t until I got this program and learnt everything sleep, we notice a HUGE improvement even on day one! My baby now has three good day naps and sleeps 11-12 hours over night with a top up feed at 10pm. Amazing! Thank you for helping all us new mummy’s and daddy’s get some much needed sleep!

I personally found this a waste of time and money

After purchasing this guide as a comparison to several other programs I’ve purchased I found the resources and program very “light on” and if anything quite vague. It might work for some, but those like myself looking for more comprehensive information and structure this is probably not for you.

I also find it really frustrating when there are typos and grammatical errors in professional PDF guide.

Getting there...

My nearly five month old has been a very alert baby since day dot. Great night sleeper horrible day time sleeper. We also have colic so some days can be horrible. As the guide doesn’t cover colic babies we have struggled to find our happy medium but we are slowly getting there. Will keep persisting as long as we can to get some form of routine and more sleep!



From cradled to cot

Thank you for giving us the guidelines to have some confidence and begin setting a good routine for our little girl. I always knew night could be hard but never expected days and trying to settle our LO in the day would be so tough. With persistence and consistency and help from local midwives too, we have worked from your guide and started to see some results with 3 x naps a day in the cot rather than in our arms. Still work to be done on the length of the nap and more consistent over night, but things are in the improve and you have no idea how much the day naps have helped all of us. I really get excited for when she wakes up now to play Also the nutrition information is amazing!! So comprehensive,
Big thanks