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 Your wish is our command! Free with a purchase of one of our Sleep Programs, our Sleepy App has all the help, support and resources you need to master baby sleep in one place. 

The Sleep Gamechanger 

 The Baby Sleep School App was created after years of runaway success with the Baby Sleep School online sleep programs. The idea was born when founder Marissa Wallis was struggling to get her own baby to sleep; she went the extra mile, became qualified sleep consultant and started Baby Sleep School.   


Marissa Wallis 


What our community is saying...

Ten month old success story. Sleep, what a huge milestone... nothing has ever taken up more space in my brain than getting my baby to sleep. We had colic to begin with & as a self confessed attached mama, I couldn’t bear the thought of letting my girl cry it out. I always created a perfect sleep environment but only recently began popping her down awake & following the guide more. Pick up/ put down + pat shush were ultimately what has led me to being able to get my babe adequate sleep, self settling of sorts + re settling herself (more often than not) & most importantly I’ve seen nights where I’ve not been up for hours & hours. I didn’t think it was possible, I doubted & questioned every review... but it does work in time & when the heart & mind are willing + able. Ten months in & I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.



Great app! I love the sleepy app and the services it provides. I always find myself referring back to it if I need help any my daughters sleep needs. It’s so convenient to have help in your pocket! I always write questions in the forum and usually get a reply within the same day. I needed a bit of extra help with routine so I recently used the new phone consultation service and found it so incredibly easy and well priced! A 15 minute call booked through the app, it was the perfect amount of time to sort out any issues I had with sleep. 👏🏻



Amazing Service I have always struggled with my little ones sleep and this app has been absolutely amazing. The guide was fantastic and full of so much information and the added forum is literally a lifesaver. While going through the journey you have so many questions or situations pop up that you wish you could ask someone. This app is that! Having all my questions answered in the forum has put me at ease and seeing sleep improved so much - thank you 💕



Help at your fingertips- I am loving it! Absolutely loving the forum with access to professional help within a matter of hours. This coupled with the guide is an absolute game changer and really helps support us through our journey!



All your questions answerd 

Why should I pay for the additional monthly subscription fee? What extra help am I getting?

The Sleepy App is designed to be a simple way to access all your baby sleep requirements from one platform. The subscription fee is based on providing you with additional functions to support you through sleep training your baby, including the community forum, chat, additional resources and wellness hub.

What is included in the Sleepy App?

Our Sleepy App has all the help, support and resources you need to master baby sleep in one place, including the following features (some of which are available with a subscription): Your sleep program in your pocket, to access anytime, anywhere you like Community section and forum with chat room, to learn from other mamas in our community Access to sleep consultants to help you and answer your specific questions A Wellness hub for YOU, because a well mama is a happy mama! Includes yoga videos, fitness info and breathing and mediation exercises Additional resources bonus content for all age groups, including information on regressions, first aid, sleep safety, settling techniques and more. Download the Sleepy App today, available on: IOS Google Play

What should I do if the app crashes/freezes?

If the app crashes or freezes, try force quitting it by double clicking the home button of your phone and swiping up on the cradle screen.

How can I rate the app in iTunes?

Once you are using the Sleepy App, Baby Sleep School will ask if you’d like to rate the app in iTunes. If you did not like or had problems with the app, we would love the opportunity to help you before you send through a rating; please send us feedback at   

Account Setup

How do I edit the email address associated with my account? Open the settings menu by selecting the gear icon in the top right corner of the Sleepy App home screen. Under ‘Account Preferences’, select the email address associated with your account and use the keyboard to edit. How do I edit the password associated with my account? Open the settings menu by selecting the gear icon in the top right corner of the Cradle home screen. Select ‘Log Out’ Make sure you are on the ‘Log In’ screen (rather than the ‘Sign Up’ screen) and select ‘Forgot Password?’ Enter the email address associated with your account, select ‘Send Reset’ and check email. Follow the emailed link to reset your password. Your new password should be active within a minute or two. I forgot my password. How do I reset it? If you forgot your password, you can easily reset it through the app. First go to the Login screen then select ‘Forgot Password?’ and check the email address associated with your account. If the email doesn’t come through, please check your ‘junk’ folder.


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What are Benefits you will get?

All the sleepy resources & so much more..

Sleepy Resources

All our sleep guides are avaliable for purchase and instant download, right into your pocket

Community Forum

Our Sleepy forum is a safe space monitored by certified sleep consultants 7 days a week. Where they answer all your sleepy questions and offer help and advice on a shared community platform. 

This is part of our monthly $14.95 subscription service. 

Consults at your fingertips

You can book a 15 minute phone or facetime call and recieve your consult within the same day. Minutes to hours - you select your time and we will get one of our amazing consultants to call you! 

Wellness Hub

A fabulous hub made for YOU. Workouts & everything health, wellness and mental wellbeing.  


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