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Zoom BOO Package - 30 min Phone Consultation and 2 week email support - (1 Child)

BOO Package - 30 min Phone Consultation and 2 week email support - (1 Child)

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BOO - 30 Min Phone consultation with 2 week email support 

If you are at your wits end with your baby or toddler’s sleep or simply seeking some extra guidance and reassurance then our phone and email consultation is perfect for you. Our qualified sleep consultant will listen to your sleep concerns and walk you through and troubleshoot your issues within the 30 minute consultation.  You will also receive an additional 2 weeks of email support from our consultant ensuring you are on track with your sleep training as well as answer any questions & rectify any sleep issues you may have. So get those questions ready!

This package is packed with information which deep dives into your child's day to day. It is a great fit for anyone needing 1:1 support through various topics and is considered our most popular package and best value for money.

You will then have the option to have free access for 4 weeks on our forum to help assist you further into your support journey.

Phone consultation includes:

30 minute phone consultation from one of our qualified sleep consultants

Follow up email support on Monday- Friday for the following 2 weeks with a 24hr response timeframe.

Questionnaire needs to be completed before we can allocate and for 1 child

What to expect

Our consultants are here to support you no matter what your sleep concern is. Your concerns will be met with understanding and compassion + we always aim to provide recommendations which align with your parenting style and your babies temperament. 

We love empowering parents with knowledge and confidence. We encourage all of our families to work within their comfort zones and ask that you are honest with your consultant if something doesn't feel right for you his will help us work together as a team and achieve some great sleepy success for your family. 

Our team is also supper experienced and supportive consultants which an arrange of qualifications. 

We believe in realistic and flexible routines; our babies are not robots and neither are we. We encourage you to get out and about and will not pressure you into being a slave to your babies sleep routine. 

Please utilise your follow up support wisely and within the time frame allocated.  Feel free to reach out to your consultant whenever you are ready to use the follow up support. 

We love cuddles but also know sometimes your bub may show readiness for their own bed. Its when mum is ready to do this and ​it is only a problem - if it is a problem for you! To achieve the best results, be open and honest with your consultant. No matter what the issue is we can still work together to optimise the best sleep foundations possible. 

We always hear from our clients that their only regret is not reaching out for help sooner.  Remember; you do not need to be at rock bottom to utilise support from a professional. We are here to help and ready whenever you are. 

Read all our wonderful reviews to learn more on what to expect so book now and let's get started!

Once you have purchased this email package please make sure you complete our online questionnaire which will enable us to gain a better understanding of your babies current sleep routine. The link to this questionnaire will be in your confirmation of purchase.
DISCLAIMER: Whilst Baby Sleep School cannot guarantee 100% sleep success as every baby/child has different sleep issues & requirements, our consultants are highly qualified and will do their best to make appropriate suggestions & changes.  There are many factors that contribute to sleep issues.  For further guidance and serious sleep concerns, we recommend you consult your healthcare professional or doctor.

BOO Package - 30 min Phone Consultation and 2 week email support - (1 Child)



Sleepy App


Our programs are digital files which is only accessible via our ‘SLEEPY APP’. 

Once you have purchased the sleepy guide please download our sleepy app via the below links:




If you are still having trouble logging in, please contact our customer service:

Please note: This does not include personalised email or phone support from our sleep consultants. This is separate a consultation package, that should be purchased as a separately as a either a home, email or phone consultation. In addition, we can't guarantee results as every baby/child has different sleep issues. There are so many factors that contribute to sleep problems and for further guidance and serious sleep concerns, we recommend you consult your healthcare professional or doctor.

6 Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 115 reviews
Amazing assistance and results!

I received help from Eb, and our phone call was super helpful. Being able to follow up/update her for the following 2 weeks was incredible and helped me feel at ease with the process. She helped me find the perfect option for us, and that suited us to help go away from patting/rocking my 19 mth old to sleep (and taking a long time at night to get there) that was still a gentle approach that also helped me feel so at ease! My little one responded so well to all the tips Eb gave me and within the 2 weeks ended up being able to go down in his cot happily and drop off to sleep all on his own! I feel confident that I have the tools I need for the future, and I would not hesitate to get in contact/receive 1:1 support from sleep school in the future as well should I ever need for my little one and future bub!

Feeling lighter!

Our call with Eb was so positive. We were supported, validated and encouraged by Eb and her suggestions to improve our 6mo sleep and in particularsettling time and ease for naps and bedtime.
Since our call, Clara has significantly reduced her catnapping and can self settle for naps in a fraction of the time it was taking previously. We're even getting 1.5-2 hour naps regularly. We've been able to watch a movie without pausing it to resettle! Wow
Bedtime has improved dramatically. And while we still have a little way to go with bedtime being as smooth as naptimes, we're fewling more confident that we can do it. We're feeling lighter and more like ourselves since our call and making some slight adjustments to how we help Clara get the sleep she needs.
Huge thank you to Eb for your support!

Highly Recommend!

I would like to thank Ebony for her time during our phone consult and the 2 week email support.

She’s been very patient and understanding with all the questions that I have. She also makes sure that we are comfortable before we started making changes.

The recommendations that she has given us has improved my bub’s naps a lot! From having contact naps and now having his naps in his cot, I’m really happy with the results!

Worth every cent!

One of the best investments in parenthood to date. We went from having our six-month old only contact nap and take one hour to put to bed at night to having her able to self settle for naps and bedtime in just a few days!

Having the ongoing support for two weeks was so helpful in troubleshooting issues as they came up while implementing the new soothing technique.

Ebony was amazing, listening to all of our concerns and taking our little ones temperament into account to make sure we used a settling technique that worked for her.

Having some time back in the day for myself and a happy baby who’s napping better has been life changing!

The best money I have ever spent!

Hands down the best money I have ever spent.

Even though I knew most of what was suggested, having someone to tell me what to try and in what order and then having the ability to check in daily to make sure I was on the right path was the best thing ever! Within 2 days we went from 2 hourly wake ups to only 1 wake!!

Eb is amazing and I can't recommend this enough.

Customer Reviews

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